Essays on Scientific Revolution

nature of nursing

There has been debate concerning the nature of nursing over the years. People have been awakened to the actual nature of science and art since the 17th and 18th centuries, when the scientific revolution occurred. This awakening was known as the French Enlightenment (Contreras, 2013). Throughout the scientific revolution, humans...

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advances in communications systems

Human culture has been transformed by recent developments in information technologies. From slow and unreliable conventional messaging systems, today's communications technologies make connectivity not only quick, effective, secure, and accurate, but also inexpensive and usable. People thousands of miles away can not only send and receive undistorted messages in fractions...

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Spike Jonze's "Her"

Spike Jonze's film Her Spike Jonze's film Her depicts an argument/idea that can revolutionize our perspective on robots and their potential impact on human existence. Spike Jonze attempts to expose the essence of the relationship between machines and humans in the film. The Rise of Artificial Intelligence While many may claim that artificial...

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about computer science

All is now possible and available thanks to the technological revolution. Most citizens consider computer science to be the pinnacle of living around machines. However, it has less to do with computing and much to do with what computers can do and how they can help the human race communicate themselves. I...

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