A fire Training Specialist emergency work

Fire Training Specialist Responsibilities

Fire Training Specialist rescue work requires detailed exercises involving supervision and involvement in the planning of all informational resources required to ensure the safety of employees in the company or agency in the event of a fire emergency. Commonly, emergency fire training technicians are trained or hired by various organizations to help them improve the safety of their workplaces at all times (White, Carson & Wilbourn, 1991).

Duties of a Fire Training Specialist

As part of their routine activities, fire Training Specialists are required to ensure that compliance and strict adherence to safety precautions and procedures are adhered to while at the same time evaluating the likelihood of an unprecedented event from occurring. This position entails one having deeper knowledge in conducting and accordingly advising on what steps to be taken in case an emergency fire occurs in an intuition while simultaneously being tasked with the training programs of the line staffs in handling emergency fires. In doing so, a fire training specialists will ensure that compliance with legislation is achieved when handling emergencies involving fire within organizations (Tumber & Prentoulis, 2003).

Work Environment

While attending to their duties, fire emergency training specialists are likely to work outdoors or within where in most cases they are mandated with putting in place sufficient systems and approaches to help the junior staffs in fighting fires. To recapitulate, fire emergency training specialists are primarily tasked with ensuring that the institution has proper planning and that the needed resources that are key in training junior employees are within the reach of every staff working in fire emergency department. They are also tasked with developing appropriate training programs for the entire units within the organization which aims at increasing awareness and precautions during an emergency and how the employees should conduct themselves. A fire training specialist has also the responsibility of conducting a periodic evaluation to ascertain the level at which an organization is well prepared to handle fire emergency instances in case such a situation arises (White et al., 1991).

Ensuring Compliance

Furthermore, this position demands the personnel in the position to ensure that compliance with Federal legislation is well adhered to avoid the company incurring an extra cost due to the negligence of implementing the minimum requirement of handling an emergency fire within the company. Moreover, emergency fire Training Specialists are needed to periodically revise the existing laws and policies governing the emergency response to fire within firms by incorporating the up-to-date requirements which are technically sound as technology keeps on changing and is of chief importance when it comes to responding to emergencies within institutions (Bailey, 2004).

Benefits and Motivation

I chose this position of training and ensuring compliance in the institution in relation to emergency fire management as it is well informed of what it takes to ensure compliance is achieved in the organization. The position is innovative as it will keep you up-to-date with the current issues in the field, with diverse accessibility to information since, in most instances, the job requires constant and continual research and developing training programs which can be used to enhance safety in the workplace against fire. In addition to this, the position makes one be in direct association with those individuals who are affected by the fire, and thus helping them out becomes the main motivation towards it. Through research and training, the position not only makes you a resourceful person in the firm but also widens your knowledge as you link different fields of knowledge to come up with sound measures to combat fire emergencies, a condition which can only be achieved through extensive consultation with different fields of knowledge.


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