A Closer Look at Great Britain

Great Britain's Climate and Geography

Great Britain's climate is much milder than in the rest of the Northern Hemisphere at the same latitude. This is because the warm waters of the Gulf Stream pass over the British Isles, which moderates the climate. Great Britain is typically cool and cloudy, with a fair amount of rain. Great Britain includes the countries of England, Scotland, Wales, and the Isle of Wight. However, the island of Ireland is not part of Great Britain.


Located in the United Kingdom, England shares its borders with Wales and Scotland. To the north and west are the Irish Sea and the Celtic Sea, while the English Channel separates it from continental Europe. The English Channel is a waterway, and many tourists and residents alike enjoy boating on it. Here's a look at both England and Wales, and how they differ. Learn more about the countries' cultures and landscapes by browsing through our travel guides and articles.


Great Britain and Scotland are part of the United Kingdom. Scotland covers the northern third of the island. Mainland Scotland shares a 96-mile border with England, but otherwise is part of Great Britain. For more information about Scotland, please visit our page on Scotland. There are also lots of great facts about Scotland. For example, there are many Scottish castles, and Scotland has an interesting history and culture. And while it's easy to confuse the two nations, it's worth taking a closer look.


Located in the southwest of Great Britain, Wales is known for its mountainous landscape, rugged coastline, and distinctive Welsh language and culture. The coastal city of Cardiff is known for its nightlife and ornate Gothic Revival interiors. The area surrounding the city is known as Snowdonia National Park, which features glacial landforms and lakes, and offers a railway up to the peak of Mount Snowdon. The area is a popular tourist destination, and offers something for every type of traveler.

Northern Ireland

The name United Kingdom is derived from the term "United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland." It was formed after the Irish Revolution and Partition of Ireland in 1922. Although the northern part of the island remained in the United Kingdom, its southern region became a sovereign nation in 1937. In 1973, it joined the European Union and remains a member of the EU today. However, there have been many recent developments that complicate the political landscape in these two regions.


Britannia is the national personification of Britain. It is an image of a female warrior holding a shield and trident. The term Britannia dates back to classical antiquity, when it was used as the name of Great Britain and the British Isles. It was also used to denote Britain during the Roman Empire. In the medieval era, Britannia became the name of the nation's capital, London.

Britannia Major

The name Britain is derived from the Latin word 'Britania', meaning "Britain". In Roman times, the island was called insula Albionum. Its name has been used to describe the island ever since. Ancient Greeks called the island Britannia, which was also known as Britannia Major and Britannia Minor, the former being the name of the British isles. The Romans used the word 'Britania' to describe the entire island. Later, it was used to describe the British isles, which later became the United Kingdom.

Britannia Minor

The islands of the British Isles are referred to as Britannia minor and major in medieval texts. Both terms approximate the boundaries of modern Brittany. The medieval term 'Bretayne the grete' was used by James I, when he proclaimed himself "King of Great Britain". The Scottish Gaelic term for Brittany is An Bhreatain Bheag.

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