What is Spanglish?

Spanglish is a code-switching language between English and Spanish. But it is not a dialect, creole, or dialect-slash-language. Rather, it is an entirely different hybrid language. Here are some of the features of Spanglish. The most notable are:Spanglish is a hybrid language
Spanglish is a hybrid language that is a blend of English and Spanish words. Despite its hybrid nature, many of the words in Spanglish are clearly English words. This makes understanding Spanglish relatively easy for English speakers. For example, you can probably guess that "laptop" means laptop, while "emailiar" means "to e-mail". However, some terms are not quite so clear, and you might have to learn the language before you can really understand what's being said.It is a code-switching of Spanish and English
Code-switching is a form of bilingual communication. It is common in foreign language classes and is natural to multilingual speakers. It refers to the use of different dialects, accents, language combinations, and mannerisms to convey the same meaning. Children and adults alike use code-switching in everyday conversation.It is not a dialect
Although Spanglish is considered a different dialect of Spanish, it is the same language. However, different regions of the world use different dialects. This can make it difficult for monolingual speakers of standard Spanish to understand. Some countries where Spanglish is spoken include Panama and Ecuador. Panama was under U.S. control for 96 years (1903-1999), which had a significant impact on local culture and society.It is not a creole
In linguistics, the term "creole" refers to a language that is derived from another one. This can either be an existing language or a language that is close to its origin. Often, linguists can tell whether a language is a creole without any prior knowledge of the language's history.It is not a language
Spanglish is a common language in North America that is a mix of English and Spanish. It is a very informal style, which involves extensive use of loanwords, translations, and code-switching. While some people can communicate with their native language, others cannot.It is not a threat to Spanish
Spain has not been the target of major terrorist attacks since the September 11 attacks. However, it has been a target for terrorists from neighboring countries, such as France and Belgium. In fact, Spain has been home to numerous terrorist cells. However, in recent years, Spain has been able to capture several of these militants.

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