What is a Proclamation?

A proclamation: What is it?

A proclamation is an official announcement issued by a government or city to commemorate a day, week, or month that has a significant impact on the community. It is typically related to a community benefit or organization, or an operation within the City of Vancouver.

Types of proclamations

A 'proclamation' may be an act of the legislature or executive officer of the state, or it could also be a 'proclamation' issued by a mayor. It is generally recognized by the media, public figures, or a government agency and will be published in local newspapers and broadcast on radio or television stations.

Meaning and significance of a proclamation

The term 'proclamation' can be defined in several different ways, but the most common usage is to refer to an official government announcement of something important. This can be something as simple as a proclamation by a city to recognize a special event or to celebrate a national holiday. In modern public law, a proclamation is a written command or prohibition issued by an executive officer, usually the president or the secretary of state, or by a court. It can also be a notification of the executive intent in reference to the execution of laws.

Proclamation in Christian doctrine

Proclamation can be a declaration of the gospel or the good news of Jesus Christ. This is an important concept in Christian doctrine because it represents the radically accessible message that life in God's kingdom is available to all people, regardless of status, wealth, gender, pedigree or past.

Guidelines for requesting a proclamation in Vancouver

When a new proclamation is made by the mayor of a city, or a similar document formally presented at a City Council meeting, there are some guidelines that should be followed to ensure the proclamation will be appropriate. The Mayor's office will only issue proclamations that honor, celebrate or create awareness of a specific citywide occasion, event or cause.

Requesting a Proclamation in Vancouver

The City of Vancouver receives many requests for the formal presentation of proclamations at City Council meetings. The purpose of this process is to provide an opportunity for City staff to highlight the significance of the event or recognition, while also giving residents a chance to speak in front of the Council about their support or concern.

Proclamation Presentation

During a proclamation presentation, the Mayor will read the proclamation and then invite attendees to speak in front of the Council about their thoughts on the issue or the importance of the event. There is a time limit for making comments during the City's public comment period, so please be prepared to speak for about 3-5 minutes.

Procedure for individuals and groups

If you are an individual who would like to have a proclamation delivered during a Council Meeting, please arrive 30 minutes prior to the start of the meeting. A hand-held microphone can be provided to you if needed. If you are part of a group who will be receiving a proclamation, please make sure to identify yourself and your organization by name and title before the Council meeting begins.

Proclamation request process

Any person wishing to have a proclamation delivered during Council meetings should submit the request at least three to four weeks in advance of the preferred issue date to allow for proper consideration and for drafting and editing of any material that will be presented during the meeting. The Governor's Office reserves the right to modify or deny any proclamation request. If you have any questions about a proclamation, please contact the Governor's Office at (704) 839-4345 or by emailing [email protected].

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