What if people could read each other’s mind?

There are positive abilities in this world that we may just have fantasies or our creativeness which drove us to write about them. These are the capabilities that we usually see in fictional action movies. We may additionally occasionally believe that someone who has supernatural powers can do them. One of the matters that we often fantasize about is the idea of reading people's idea (Aitchison 96). By reading people mind, I do not refer to the notion of anticipating what someone is likely to do base on the previous experiences that you have; I mean the fact that one can find methods to another people’s mind and see what they are thinking. So, what if you knew what the person seated next to you was thinking about, and likewise, he or she also had the capability of knowing that you are thinking about.A possible thing that could happen is that we would not need to talk to each other. This is obvious given that the main reason we speak is to pass what we think (Heyes& Chris 124). Now that someone already knows what we think, it would be pointless for us to try to tell them. But this does not mean that the world will be utterly speechless. We will still need to talk to each other especially when you want to attack someone’s attention. In this case, there will be complete honesty, and no one would ever lie to another. Deceit comes to be when an individual has information yet they refuse to tell the truth about what they know. Therefore, it would be easy to access the information that you are being deniedAnother possible outcome that could to happen if we can read other people mind, and they too could read ours is that we could have a different social organization. What unite people is the fact that they literary share the same school of thought (Davidson 135). The things that bring us together in the society that we live today such as religion, family, and country would not matter a lot. The primary concern of every individual is that they surround themselves with people who share the same idea as them.Therefore, having people who share the same thoughts as you imply that you will not have emotional disturbance that makes you worry about what other people think of you. If you live among people who can read your thoughts and you know that they know what you think, one may feel some awkwardness (Heyes & Chris 124). You will feel embarrassed that someone knows that you are thinking of something sinister about them which will prompt you to apologize. This causes honesty and some level of harmony in the society. ConclusionIn conclusion, the ability to go through what someone is thinking opens another dimension of the interaction of human beings. People are social beings that communicate their thoughts through actions like speaking and emotional reactions (Aitchison 96). Reading the mind makes it easier to pass through since you will not need to give it, someone will just take it. The issue of a universal understanding would be simplified, and total understanding shall come in the society.Work CitedAitchison, Jean. Words in the mind: An introduction to the mental lexicon. John Wiley & Sons, 2012.Davidson, Donald. "Knowing one’s own mind." The American Philosophical Association Centennial Series (2013): 389-409.Heyes, Cecilia M., and Chris D. Frith. "The cultural evolution of mind reading." Science 344.6190 (2014): 1243091.

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