What does it mean to have a social imagination?

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What does it mean to have a sociological imagination? Wright Mills describes social vision as an understanding of an active partnership between a broader community and an individual’s personal experience, according to Archibug (510). According to Wright Mills, using various mechanisms on what is perceived, to be honest is what social creativity entails. Viewing and considering the relationship between public and personal problems is significant because it distinguishes the source and consequences of these issues. On the other hand, the essay expresses the connection between public and private interests through the struggle of Puerto Rico to become an independent state. Paulus (110) elaborates that the citizens are exposed to social and economic problems in the surrounding environment. For example, car prices are very high in Puerto Rico as compared to the United States. It is essential to have the social imagination for societies and individuals since it significantly helps people to relate their current situations to regional, global, and international societal issues affecting them. Sociological mindfulness can support the reconstruction of Puerto Rica through enhancing social imagination among the individuals and the public on the importance of the Puerto Rico Island.

Question Three

The concept of socialization is to internalize the ideologies and norms of a given society. Astromskiene, Adele, and Adamoniene (210) explain that it significantly represent the entire learning process in an individual’s life. Nature and nurture are connected through the innateness of the attributes and effects of the environment (whether characteristics are part of nature or influenced by nurture).Genie helps in understanding that it is important to consider personal and societal connections through socialization. This makes an individual human. However, human behavior is influenced by the external forces .for example, from the article when a society experiences industrialization an individual is either hired or fired. According to Archibug (510), if the economy declines a person goes broke or takes a new approach, and when war occurs a child would grow without either of the parents.

Question Four

Sociologists explain that the influence of a group on the behavior of an individual is shaped by the presence of group members. This significantly outlines the impacts of the team on practices of a person. Sociologists argue that the influence of a group on the individual behavior is likely to lead to adverse reactions. Archibug (510) demonstrates that this can occur due to diffusion of exercises, group conformity, and stereotype. Group conformity is the behavior of an individual by ethical standards. The stereotype is discrimination on an individual while Diffusion of activities is an act of ensuring equity in the allocation of duties. For example, there is a stereotype of blacks in international schools with increased diffusion of responsibilities at the work place. Watts (320) outlines that elements of the social structure include the normative system representing the Disney world with high values and ideals. Secondly, position systems which are viewed as the roles and statutes of the citizens. Visitors at the park are expected to increase social structures and enhance socialization. The expected functions of Disney workers are to meet the objectives, mission, and vision of the Disney world. An example of a consensual control experience involves in fraudulent activity of public funds.

Question Six

Sociology is an essential application of common sense that involves an empirical observation and extensive theorization. According to Watts (320), common sense is an inquiry method that enhances systematic testing of the customs against the provided evidence. It is essential to conduct sociological research since it gives a clear description of the social world around the individuals. Sociologists refer to social context as a reaction of an individual to something or an object depending on the physical or immediate environment. Watts (320) explains that social context influences how a person perceives things. Contreras makes sense of the people he studied through enabling them to have a mutual understanding of the social aspects of the society.

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