Warrant Glen: Chapter Seventeen

One of the best-selling writers of all time, William Walis is the author of several works, including Selected Essays, A Dream of Love Fulfilled, and Warrant Glen. Particularly amazing and masterfully written is the story of Warrant Glen, which depicts different family relationships. The author has intentionally organized his book to expand on different family events that occur throughout the year. No matter the reader's age, this book's framework will keep their interest. Poems have been incorporated into William Walis' narration to give it a distinct flavor and keep the reader from getting tired of the nonstop story. William has divided into short essays to enable the readers to grasp the ideas properly thus enjoy the narrative. This section will mainly focus on chapter seventeen, a scene which took place in March during autumn.

Mr. Banco takes Will through various exercise regimes that will enable him to go through the first six Vacchia Methodo Practico exercises with ease. These happen to be one of Will’s favorite exercises, and they constantly raced through his mind. When they arrived at the place, Lash ail lido e il mare infido, Will’s favorite song was playing. He emotionally connected to this song as his mother constantly sang it to him when he was small. Mr. Barranco then took the piano-vocal to play some notes. As he played the notes, he encouraged the other students to listen keenly to the melody as it aroused positive emotions.

Mr. Barranco was a professional pianist who played all notes precisely without missing any key. Will was amazed at the level of skill of his teacher as he had never seen anyone with such amazing playing skills. He gave his students some advice on how to play the piano and became professionals like him. He advised his students to relax by taking a deep breath and feeling their lower guts expand. He performed various tricks on Will to entice his students and engage them during the class. He also gave them a few pieces of advice on how to become a remarkable musician. He advised his students that good artists sing louder than they can shout. He also claimed that for one to be a great artist, they need to sing like a shepherd calling out to his sheep at a distance.

Mr. Barranco did not just study music as a teacher, but he also loved it. He taught his students that for good music to have proper rhythm, it must come from deep down one’s heart. In doing so, one is filled with emotions and thus is able to captivate the listeners properly. He used various songs as an example to his students. On this particular day, he was teaching will various skills to help him become a great artist like him. Aside from this particular scenario, Mr. Barranco and will were great friends and used to hang out together most of the time. This made Will more comfortable with the music lessons. He was dedicated to learning and become a great musician just like his teacher.

The two sang during this session till their voices faded away. Mr. Barranco played the piano until he tied and almost lost his breath in ecstasy. As they departed, he reminded will to learn a couple of songs for the next lesson.

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