United States role on global stage

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In that post, the generals who led the army were aware of America’s intentions. It reveals that the bombing of Hiroshima was not due to other interests as a result of war nuts. They claim the Hiroshima bomb was dropped to save the life of thousands of Americans who were killed during the attack. The bombing devastated Nagasaki and Hiroshima, destroying between 135,000 and 300,000 lives, including Japanese children, women and the elderly (Gar, 1). Truman’s chief of staff acknowledged that the use of this weapon was in no way aligned with material aid in their war against Japan. Arnold, the commanding general to US Army Air Force revealed that it was a mistake for the scientists to have the weapon and so tried it.

The US wanted to be viewed as a country that had interest non other than defending its people. The country acts in a manner that avoids shocking the world opinion because it wants to save its population. Thus, the country is dedicated to protecting its citizens.

Today, United States is more deeply engaged in many places in more critical issues that produce greater consequences. America has provided a wide outreach to dynamic regions such as Asia Pacific. Many successes have been achieved by the Chicago Council on Global Affairs (Duke 2017). There has been defense and economic alliances with countries such as South Korea and Japan as a sign of developing diplomatic agenda that tackles many issues including non proliferation of weapons and prevention of human trafficking.

United States is the only country that is willing to stand up for other nations who are otherwise forgotten. The nation has been providing help to different governments that battle global international issues such as human trafficking through offering of leadership (Duke, 2017).

Discuss the ways in which American media present history in comparison to at least two other international outlets

The United States has failed to confront its simple history with critical honesty (Gar, 4). The citizens from U.S have always failed to embrace the myths than unsettling and inconvenient truths regarding the country. They consider the myths as false despite the fact that the myths have been oversimplified and are blatantly false. For example, we can see how it’s always difficult for an average US citizen to believe in the brutal history and record of slavery and white supremacy that underlies much of the US story.

Without the knowledge of definitive description and discussion of slavery, the supporting ideology of white supremacy and its impacts on the subsequent generations are hard to understand since they are missing from the history curriculum of colleges and high schools in America. The American history has failed to tech on centrality of race. As compared to international media outlets like Aljazeera, they see something wrong and witness the evidence of national failure. According to Aljazeera, slave trade and slavery were essential to economy of America and development of capitalism. This is especially after the Native Americans being driven out of their ancestral land in for vast cotton plantations. It is said that the wealth of the country was dependent on the uncompensated labor (A’Lelia, 2).

According to the BBC, slavery had existed for many centuries dating back to ancient civilizations. BBC attributes the concept of racism as it’s understood today to have begun from enslavement of Africans in the 16th century. It is revealed that racism was promoted by slave trade. To Africans, this gave birth to the idea on existence of races among the human beings based on the skin color.

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