Tree Canging a Person’s Worldview

During the holidays, I paid a go to to my grandfather. He lived in the country and owned a garden with different sorts of trees.

My Favorite Tree

One of the trees that attracted my attention was a overseas sycamore. The tree became my favorite because of its stunning position at the entrance of my grandfather's farm creating a picturesque landscape. The angular wide branches of the tree, striking from its twigs and the mottled bark were similar to a thousand other sycamores developing in our school garden. However, the difference between those at my grandfather's farm and these at school was that the latter were a good deal younger. Spending time at my grandfather's farm observing sycamore, I learnt the significance of nature to a person. Just as Edwin Way Teale, I understood that a tree can become a friend that would always listen and would never interfere with your feelings (53). In fact, the trees at the farm seemed at times my only friends in the immensity and madness of the city life. I sought to notice the very first green leaves of the tree in spring and, in the daily advancement of its foliage, observe its appearance in the various weather conditions that included rains, mist, windstorm, and sunshine. Numerous times later in years, I have visited my grandfather's farm just to revisit the tree.

A Symbol of Childhood and Youth

The years went by and when I visited the farm another time I saw that the tree was filed down as it was too old. I felt an incredible loss as if I lost one of the relatives. A tree was a symbol of my childhood and youth, constituting a place where peace could be found. I remembered the long days spent outside near the tree reading, writing, thinking and hiding from the breakneck speed of modern life. One of the trees close by the road streamed away from the river with a better part of its trunk parallel to the ground. The leading development of this tree even as it added its girth ring by ring was horizontal. The minute leaves on the close-packed twigs of the cypress were infinite in number that the tree seemed carved from a solid substance.

Benefits of Trees

This sycamore was a part of my personal history, the whole part of life. Meanwhile, I began to think of other benefits the trees provide, for instance, releasing oxygen, serving as windbreakers, preventing such harsh conditions such as erosion. At that time, I wondered how humans dared to endanger the existence of forests by massive deforestation. It was clear that the interventions of individuals have made a significant contribution to the apparent imbalance of nature (Barber, Christopher P., et al. 204). For instance, the extent to which certain trees remain at the brink of extinction is strongly connected with human industrial activities.

A Calming Force

Often in darkness, I would sit on my bed with thoughts running one by one in my mind. However, the memory of the tree, calm, enduring, with wind whispering through its leaves calmed me. My experience with this tree has contributed to a change of my perception concerning nature. Consequently, I became environmentalist advocating for treating trees with great care due to their significance to the stable growth. Thus, I believe that men should live in harmony with the nature and preserve the planet for future generations so they could also understand the importance of one tree.

Works Cited

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