The Wisconsin Balanced Budget Amendment and Its Impact

The Constitutional Amendment

The constitutional amendment refers to the modification of a nation's constitution. In many states, the text ultimately alters, and others do not, but the effect is similar. A complicated procedure is in place before the changed takes place. Based on that, we would discuss a recent constitutional amendment attempt in America and the impact.

A Recent Constitutional Amendment Attempt in America

Wisconsin lawmakers joined more than twenty other states calling for a balanced federal budget under a measure approved by the state Senate. There was an overwhelming vote to call for a convention to amend the US Constitution joining Democrats to oppose the bill and Republicans supporting it. There is a massive problem with the nation's debt that requires urgent attention and measure. Those in support of the proposal justified their argument as the only way to force Congress to put the country's finances in order. The bill does not require the government's signature, therefore, providing a loophole to exploit. On the other hand, opponents of the debate argue that the convention could result in dramatic modifications of long-held rights to abortion, free speech and guns.

The Role of Congress in Balanced Budget Amendments

Members of the Congress do not need to adhere to the balanced budget amendments but can change according to the situation. Article V allows a convention proposing changes to take place if two-thirds of the states call for one. For the modification to take effect, it is mandatory for an approval to be in place from about thirty-eight states (Marley and Jason). In defending their position on the possible interference of other clauses, lawmakers argued that no constitutional amendment would receive support if it tried to interfere with the freedom of speech. Additionally, there was an argument that the Republican needed not to pass a budget amendment because they control both the Congress and White House. No convention has been in place since framing of the Constitution in 1787 (Marley and Jason). Proposals have been in place and approved by the states. The Senate also passed a joint resolution assembly that would put Wisconsin on record in supporting procedural rules for the convention. Another vote was also present to determine representation in the meeting.

The Issue of Debt in America

Regarding that, the issue of debt is a sensitive and crucial topic in America. Concerns have been raised about the sustainability of the debt and the likely impact on the economy. The debt has been on the increase every year, and there is no sign of containing it hence raising the alarm. The issue has primarily been as a result of improper budgetary planning procedures that lead to deficits. In taking care of the situation, the government sources for additional funds to fill the gap which increases the debt.

The Importance of the Constitutional Amendment

The convention that states are requesting for amending the constitution is timely and should take place quickly. There is need to ensure that Congress adopts appropriate fiscal policies that would assist in mitigating the situation. Resources should get shared in an equitable and fair way. There is need to prioritize critical sectors that would spur growth and steer the economy forward. Congress needs to get extra power and authority to make economic decision based on current situations instead of following the current rigid framework. Additionally, there is need to shift focus from engagements in other countries and instead concentrate on America.

In Conclusion

In conclusion, the amendment is timely and welcomed. There is need to control the debt before it becomes a crisis and negatively affects the economy.

Work Cited

Marley, Patrick, and Jason Stein. “Wisconsin Senate votes for convention to write balanced budget into U.S. Constitution.” Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, Milwaukee, 9 Nov. 2017,

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