The Second Great Awakening

The Second Great Awakening

The second great awakening is the term used to describe the religious revival that swept across the United States in the early 19th century. These revivals were a reaction to the Enlightenment rationalism of the eighteenth century and brought a new spirit of spirituality to the country.

Revivals and Social Reform Movements

Revivals were a major part of the second great awakening, and they spread religion throughout the country through tent revivals, circuit riders, and emotional preaching. These revivals also spawned a number of social reform movements that were often focused on the poor and oppressed.

Emphasis on Faith and Equality

These revivals were fueled by the idea that people could change their lives through faith in God and that there was hope for humanity. They also emphasized the equality of all believers before God and that every individual was responsible for their own souls.

Influence of Charles Finney

This was a much more realistic view of the world than the first great awakening. It was a time of great nationalism and industrialization, so people were looking for a way to make their lives better. Many of these people were influenced by the teachings of religious leaders like Charles Finney. He helped to create a new type of revivalist that was more appealing to American audiences.

Work for the Good of Others

The revivalists believed that the Bible was full of stories about Jesus Christ and that the Christian faith was a good thing for America. They also wanted to emphasize that people should work for the good of others.

Role of Women and Sense of Community

One of the major changes that came out of the Second Great Awakening was that there were more women involved in these revivals and churches than ever before. These women began to play an important role in society, and they pushed for a variety of reforms that included temperance, abolition, and education. Another major change that was a result of the revivalist movement is that people started to feel more connected to each other. This is because the revivals were a social event, and they were often attended by hundreds of people. This was a very positive thing, and it aided in the development of a sense of community among the people who were attending these revivals. The evangelists would travel from town to town and preach to these crowds of people, making their message very important to the audience.

Impact on American Life and Religion

These revivals were a huge change from the first great awakening, and they had a very dramatic effect on American life. This revival was very popular in the south, and many African Americans were converted to Christianity during this time period. The church also changed its ways of worship, and started using schools that taught people how to read the bible. This allowed people to become more knowledgeable about the bible and what it meant to be a Christian. This was a very important change in the religion of the United States, and it allowed people to become more enlightened and educated about what the bible had to say. This made them a much stronger Christian and it was a big part of why they were so active in the revivals.

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