The Rise of Terrorism

State-Sponsored Terrorism

State-sponsored terrorism is the support given by a government to violent non-state actors involved in terror. Such organizations tend to have the privilege of doing anything without the repercussions of being held accountable in the safe haven countries facilitating their activities. History has been proven that incorporation of economic sanctions has had enormous success in curtailing such kind of irresponsible authorities. By instituting this kind of policies, the general public is deprived of imports and other services enjoyed from other countries forcing them to revolt against their leadership. By this particular action billions of dollars can be saved without carrying out any military interventions.

Cyber-crime Activities

Significantly, information and communication technology keeps evolving at a rapid pace, so has cyber-crime activities risen over the years. The potential threats posed by this particular new trend of terrorism is that important infrastructural platforms such as water systems, power grids, and even physical security defense systems are put at risk (Jang-Jaccard " Nepal, 2014). Coupled with the widespread reach of the internet, spread of ideologies aimed to attract followers in extremist activities will be of significant impact in breeding homegrown terrorism. Additionally, globalization and the rise of immigration, the reach of terrorist groups has also increased by taking advantage of the increased mobility of people making it harder to detect them.

Factors Leading to the Rise of Terrorism

Factors leading to the rise of terrorism stem from political, motivational, cultural or historical backgrounds. Alienation or discrimination of minority groups, political grievances or the social-economic status of individuals in a society tends to contribute for them to be more conservative consequently leading to the cultivation of extremist ideologies. One of the significant factors in the rise of various forms of terrorism has been religion. The Islamic fundamentalism, Tokyo sarin attacks in 1995 or the global Salafi jihadi movement are good examples of it at play. Criminals have proven to be more ready to be influenced by the name of religion since they have afterlife promises made to them.

Choice of State Sponsor of Terrorism

In essence, if I was to be in the position of leadership in a terrorist organization, my choice state sponsor of terrorism could be Iran. With its vast wealth of natural gas and oil, it will be of great benefit to my organization in getting the much-needed financial aid to run an influential group.


Jang-Jaccard, J., " Nepal, S. (2014). A survey of emerging threats in cybersecurity. Journal of Computer And System Sciences, 80(5), 973-993. doi: 10.1016/j.jcss.2014.02.005

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