The Real Me Song by The Who

The Real Me Song

The real me song is the second track on Quadrophenia, a 1973 rock opera from The Who. It was written by Pete Townshend and concerns a young boy named Jimmy, who is made up of four distinct personalities. The song documents the troubled life that Jimmy has had up to this point: he visits multiple shrinks and confides in his parents, but nobody understands him.

Exploring Self-Identity

The song is a great example of the idea that everyone has their own version of the real self and that people are constantly trying to be someone else, even when they really don’t. Brit Taylor’s Real Me is a record that’s not afraid to explore some of these issues, but does so in an approachable manner that doesn’t overly indulge in the overly-poetic meanderings and overly-repeated refrains that have characterized some of the worst self-absorbed country music out there.

A Recognizable Classic

The real me song is a reworked version of the classic song that was first recorded in 1973 on the Quadrophenia album by The Who, and it’s one of the most recognizable songs from the band. It was written by Pete Townshend, and it features some of the best bass guitar work ever recorded by John Entwistle. It is the most frequently played song by The Who, and it was included in their live performances until John Entwistle’s death in 2002. It has also been covered by bands including W.A.S.P and Phish. It was released as a single in 1989, and it reached number 23 on the UK Singles chart.

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