The Meaning of Life.

Wolf concludes her paper by arguing that thinkers have become increasingly hesitant to discuss the essence of existence. The query seems to be obscure sincere in many ways. While it is easy to elaborate what it is for a phrase to have meaning, it is impossible to pin down what it is for life to have meaning. Furthermore, even though the query may be given an abstract explanation, the findings seem to be depressing. If the question of whether existence has meaning is worth asking, many thinkers will say ‘'no." As Wolf describes it, I did not wish to revive the question for whatever reason of whether there is the meaning of life. Wolf is inclined to agree on the standard idea that there is no plausible explanation of that question that gives an affirmative answer without a fairness specific religious metaphysics. Wolf (113) State that one must be aware that Wolf seems to agree that a right answer to this question could be delivered in the text of a particular religious metaphysics. It should be done in decorum. She disagrees from Nagel whose views seems to have the idea that the difficulties of whether life is at most absurd do not get a solution from such a pooter.However, Wolf states that even if there are some queries or if there is the meaning of life, we got an average robust intuition that some entities in a way are more meaningful than others and that how we behave can tell how meaningful our life could be. Specific actions and exposure are felt to be useful and others meaningless, and what forms these such is a topic worth to be researched. Wolf will try to find the solution of some of the controversy concerning of what this life is in her paper, and she will always commence by putting to consider some aspect of life that fail to be meaningful. Wolf approaches the question of what forms for a meaningful life by bringing three types of entities who will select although their lives without that are significant to a useful life. The first she refers to it ‘’The Blob’’. Wolf (113) viewed that meaningful life can comprise some mindless comfort with a drink and a sitcom however such cases are pleasant as they may be hardly known as meaningful and life formed of wholly of such cases is generally seemed as meaningless. The Blob’s feature is excessively passive, and therefore one mighty think that an important feature should be active one however having several actions lonely is not sufficient to produce a meaningful feature as we can witness, we put Wolf’s next scenario. The second type of life Wolf calls it ‘’Useless’ ’it got many actions however it views as a feature full of the negative type of action must result out to be no longer meaningful than the Blobs. If the action one is engaged into does not have any good outcome does not view to form a feature any more meaningful than a feature without any action completely. ’Useless' is ahead more controversial than ‘Blob' because whereas most accept that meaningful feature should engage in some actions, there is a lot fewer consensus concerning which actions are ‘useless ‘and therefore looking uncontroversial for instance could be difficult to find. Wolf views to think that mountain climbing form for an important feature whereas somebody claim that this is a paradigmatic experience of a ‘useless ‘action. The third type of meaningless life is Bankrupt. Wolf articulate it that if the projects one has given one feature to come to nothing then one element can view to numerous to be meaningless. That sees to the experience with the cases Wolf brings in her paper; however numerous have stated that several noble failures, can till experience essential feature. From the examples of meaningless lives, Wolf comes with the following lesions. Blog educates us that a significant feature should actively be engaged. Wolf (113) stated that useless demonstrates that it will not do to be involved in just anything for whatever reason or with any aim. One should be engaged in a project or projects that have good outcomes. Wolf is not wholly pleased concerning the project in her description, and one requires to comprehend the term mostly that say maintaining for one child since you care them could still be categorized as being involved in a project. Wolf continues to put a lot of concern on the idea of engagement and one could as she uses the terminology to be actively participating in a project without engaged in it completely.Thomas Nagel wrote an essay describing that human beings should not conclude that their life is meaningless just because their life is small. Many people find that their lives are absurd even without taking the time to analyze it. Some think that the different experiences we live today will not matter in the future; therefore, they live the way they want. In considering our lives with the universe, it is minimal; therefore, it is a matter of time, and one day our lives will be no more. Nagel explains that it should not be concluded that life is absurd because of death because one can die any second, but life should be taken as sacred. The number of years lived should not be used to describe the meaning of life but the quality of life it is.There are several arguments connected to life, and many have their say regarding the same. One day every person has to die, but despite all those factors one has to toil hard to acquire enough money for everyday necessity. One must build a good house for themselves and the loved ones, and one must look for enough resources for meeting entertainment costs and as well as developing a career as well as one for others. In the family, some younger people must be supported too to make it in their own lives, and therefore one must work hard to make that these aspirations are met. Nagel (716-727) maintained that despite all these issues, it is known that at the end of the day one will die thereby leaving aside all the achievements and loved ones we had. Life is described as meaningless because one will go without anything after the end of the world.A large number of individuals are leaving a meaningless life maybe over a short period for an extended period. The quality of life is affected by what we intend to achieve at the end of the day, everyday situations and the relationships with make with the people around. In human life, one can live taking our things step by step. Individuals should always measure what to be done first because all projects of life can not be done at the same time. Nagel (716-727) illustrated that projects taken should the most vital, and their omission should be causing immediate problems. In life, energy is an essential thing we should always value because no project can be accomplished by using the necessary strength. One needs to be very attentive in whatever is done to avoid errors. Nagel argues that two inseparable aspects always go hand in hand and that is ignoring the uncertainties that we are sure they can not be achieved and the certainty of life. Individuals always imitate to be dangerous in life even if we do not live a harsh life of a real situation. With the common understanding of life individuals of the world they take luxury life seriously, the fame they acquire from others maybe after owning something special and the body beauty they possess. It is evident that the more people care about the life of others the more problems are added to them; therefore, everyone should mind their own life. Life motivates people in acquiring different necessities to make life better. The immediate needs are caused by every action that one involves themselves in although they should give nature its time and become open in accepting the different behaviors that are caused by various activities. In the process of meeting our needs individuals consumes a lot of energy since the calculations regarding what should be achieved and the risks associated with them (Nagel 716-727).Nagel states that the fact that the enterprise is big does not necessarily mean it is significant. The significance is measured on the perspective of the services it offers. The general public expects specific needs to be met by such enterprises and if the role is played then, the firm is essential. Every individual should stick to what they were meant to do and not to play the role of others. The seriousness of the situation should be dealt with before concluding about something. At time individuals make conclusions about some things in life thinking we have full information regarding them. The small evidence we have regarding them make us boost to be fully versed to the knowledge instead of taking time to rehearse on the same. The above phrase explains to us that no one should move out of their own lives and start judging others for no one knows the best of others unless themselves reveals it (Nagel 716-727).In conclusion, no individuals should take their life as absurd instead they should work hard without taking future considerations like death. One should work on their personal development and respect the experience of others for no one knows others better than they do. Work Cited.Nagel, Thomas. "The absurd." The Journal of Philosophy 68.20 (1971): 716-727.Wolf, Susan. "The Meaning of Lives." Life, Death, and Meaning: Key Philosophical Readings on the Big Questions (2016): 113.

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