The Importance of Popular TV Drama in the Development of K-Pop

The Cultural Significance of Television Drama

Popular TV drama is able to provide topics for everyday talk, by functioning as a revelatory and emotional, self-reflexive cultural resource. Essentially, in drama, women are able to find pleasure in the validation of their talk. This is because television drama utilizes the same talk forms that the women make use of in their daily language. The media and other art forms such as television shows are mirrors that reflect what is ongoing in the society. To this end, the television drama mirrors what goes on in the society by utilizing the forms of conversation that people have in the society, thus providing common knowledge of the patterns of interest as well as social interaction. TV drama subtly implicates the everyday practices as well as discursive power of people's daily lives. One thing from the reading which I have not understood is how popular pleasure becomes a pleasure of recognition which is rooted deeply in women's daily commonsense.

Rise of K-pop and Its Appeal

K-pop came up as a result of the heightening regional demand that was in Asia, for modern popular music. Specifically, enrichment caused demands of the youth market to plummet since the national barriers were lowered. K-pop thus filled this musical niche that was left behind by the European and American performers. The appeal of K-pop to East Asians was castigated by racial isomorphism as well as physical resemblance. K-pop exemplifies various values that satisfy the emergent sensibility and regional taste. However, one thing that I did not understand is how K-pop made a universal appeal to both Catholics as well as Muslims, even though the content of the songs was not in line with the beliefs of these religions

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