The Importance of Democracy in Freeland's Speech

The purpose of Freeland's speech

The purpose of Freeland's speech is to tell people about the importance of democracy across the world. In the speech, she points out that American is the leader of democracy and other nations should follow in the footsteps of the country.

Comparing regions

Further, she begins by giving a little history about her education and the place she is from. The aim of this is to provide the audience with a foundation on which they can compare the two different regions or places she is trying to compare. The comparisons she is making are between the United States of America and Canada and Russia and Ukraine.

The longest undefended border

She argues that America and Canada have the longest undefended border in the world. This is because the two nations have a clear understanding of peace and democracy. Therefore, there is no need to defend their border. Once she mentions this a picture of the situation between Ukraine and Russia comes to the mind of the audience. She is indirectly trying to make the audience picture the two scenarios and understand her point of argument of democracy and peace.

Authoritarian nations

In the speech, she brings out some important ideas and arguments. Authoritarian nations might have started with good intentions, but it has turned out to be tragic. Some of the authoritarian nations are rich, but other their policies have taken the worst shift. To prove this, she gives the example of the situation that is happening in Venezuela, an authoritarian nation that is rich, but its wealth benefits a few people who are in power at the expense of the vast majority. She indicates that other countries should follow the footsteps and standards set by the United States.

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