The Impact of Technology on Terrorism

Technological Advancements and Terrorism Threats

Technological advancements have been equally beneficial and taunting to humankind. For instance, an increase in technology development also increases the risks and advancements in terrorism threats as well as other related terrorist activities such as cybersecurity.

Impact of Technological Advances on Terrorism

The Strategic National Risk Assessment (SNRA) notes that technological advances help terrorist organizations, as well as their affiliates, acquire and build high-tech weapons of mass destruction (Homeland Security, 2016). These rapidly evolving, sophisticated, and high-tech weapons aimed at physical terrorist threats have continued to cause havoc among all levels of authority that is the state, federal, local, and tribal governments due to the speedy development.

Emerging Cybersecurity Threats

Similarly, as a result of immense growth in information technology, cyber security has posed an even greater threat in the future as it does not require a physical space for execution. This calls upon all levels of authority in their own capacity to develop and invest heavily in cyber-capabilities in attempts to counter the attacks (Nelson, 2013).

Adverse Effects on Economy and Infrastructure

Increasing threat from cybersecurity arises from the fact that it goes beyond impacts on physical infrastructure to other systems such as water systems and water grid, hence causing detrimental effects on the economy of the nation and on private-based businesses/organizations. Considering the possible effects possible threats have, the system is overwhelmed and as such terrorist has taken advantage of this opportunity.

Need for Coordinated Response

The well-coordinated operations, which demand fully integrated and coordinated response which requires the input of various levels of disciplines and departments. The well-coordinated attacks in various locations, as well as the lagging possibility of follow-on attacks, results in confusion among the responders hence hampering timely gathering and dissemination of precise information (Homeland Security, 2018).


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