The Effects of Heavy Metal Exposure

The Toxicity of Heavy Metals

The toxicity of heavy metals is widely debated. The cause is unclear, but many studies suggest that the metals bind to regulatory proteins involved in DNA synthesis, cell cycle regulation, and apoptosis. Toxicogenomic studies show that gene expression is affected after metal toxicity. The heavy metals As and Cd have targeted transcription factors, which control cell division. However, the protective genes were not activated, resulting in a failure to prevent cell division. The effects of heavy metals on Ras and other transcription factors have not been fully understood.


People may be exposed to increased amounts of cadmium through contaminated drinking water. This can be a result of improper disposal of industrial chemicals. The effects of cadmium may not be immediate, but over time, they may lead to kidney disease, lung cancer, or even death. For these reasons, it is essential to protect yourself from the effects of cadmium exposure. Here are some things to remember:


The element lead has four stable isotopes: lead-208, lead-202, and bismuth-203. Lead has high atomic number, and its first and second ionization energies are relatively low. Lead's outermost electrons are shielded by smaller orbitals. This allows lead to form polyhedral and chain structures. The oxidation state of lead is +2.


The metal aluminium is found in nature, and is present in our air, water, and soil. However, industrial use has increased the level of this metal in our environment. This metal is toxic to humans, animals, and plants, and can cause a wide range of disorders and diseases. The toxicity of aluminium is greatly influenced by the pH of the water and the amount of organic matter in the soil. Decreased pH and acidification will mobilize aluminium ions, resulting in increased toxicity.


It's dangerous to be exposed to high levels of mercury and its compounds. These poisonous metals evaporate at 18degC and accumulate in the body. Because mercury does not pass through the urine and feces, it can accumulate in the body for years, even decades. The signs of mercury poisoning are not always obvious. A few symptoms of mercury poisoning include irritability, poor memory, frequent urge to urinate, dulled senses, and even death.

Lead-acid batteries

Large industrial lead-acid batteries use the same basic design. The plates in these batteries are made of flat and wrought-iron grids, with lead oxides and sulfuric acid added. This mixture is then heated to a moderate temperature in a high-humidity environment, and the resulting paste becomes electrochemically active. Lead-acid batteries can be manufactured with any orientation of positive and negative plates, and are widely used for heavy-duty automotive and industrial applications.

Lead-polymer batteries

The main advantage of lead-polymer batteries for heavy metal applications is their low cost and low maintenance. They use a sulfuric acid as the electrolyte instead of lead. This is advantageous because sulfuric acid is a very strong base and is resistant to acidic degradation. In addition, lead-polymer batteries are easy to recycle. These batteries are also highly efficient in storing energy. These batteries are highly recommended for heavy-duty applications.


Copper is a heavy metal with a density of more than 5 grams per cubic centimeter. At high concentrations, copper is toxic because it binds to nucleic acids and proteins in the body and disrupts normal cellular function. The effects of copper toxicity on fish vary, but some common symptoms include lethargy and reduced growth. If your fish is exposed to copper, it is crucial to take action as soon as possible to avoid long-term effects on your fish.


The effects of exposure to zinc on the human body are well-known. However, many people do not realize that zinc is also a heavy metal. The main sources of this metal are nickel-plated jewelry, batteries, and the manufacturing of steel and electrical parts. You can even get this metal in your food! Be sure to avoid the following foods: imitation whip cream, refined grains, hydrogenated vegetable oils, and commercial peanut butter. Heavy metals can also be found in contaminated alcoholic beverages.

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