The Demographics of Bergen County, New Jersey

The Bergen County, NJ has a population of 939,151 individuals with a 41.7 median age and $89.023 mean domestic income. The populace of the Bergen County has been growing steadily over the years, for instance, between the years 2014 and 2015, it increased with a 0.53% while the median family income had a 5.13% increment during the same period. The most significant component of the Bergen County, NJ population is the White at 57% followed by the Hispanic at 19%, Asian 16%, and the African Americans at 5% (Census Reporter, p 1). Approximately 38.6% of the Bergen County, NJ residents are non-English language speakers, and only about 88.6% are the citizens of the United States. Economy wise, the county employs 477,434 persons and is mostly specialized in the Wholesale commerce, Information, and Real Estate and employs correspondingly 1.73, 1.55, and 1.52 times extra individuals than the expectation of a locality of such a size.

            The Bergen County, NJ usually votes majorly on the party affiliation that is the Democrats and the Republicans, although there are those who vote without having any attachment to the parties. The majorities of the Bergen County, NJ residents have no party membership and stand at 258379, followed by the Democrats at 202, 712, and the Republicans at 124, 155. That is to say, party-wise, the Bergen County, NJ is a Democrat locality. In the 2016 presidential election, somewhat more than 66%, which is 391,922, of the registered voters in the county cast their votes, of which more than 386,000 designated for the presidential nominee. The Democrat’s candidate, Hillary Clinton, received 231,211 votes in the county which is 54% thus carrying the day followed by the Republican’s Donald Trump who garnered 175,529 votes which are 42% of the entire votes (The New York Times, p 2). The third place was Gary Johnson at 1.8%, followed by Jill Stein at 0.96%, and finally, the remaining five contestants received less than 0.09% of the votes (Hubbard, p 1).

            When it comes to the presidential elections, the Bergen County, NJ usually has a division just like the rest of the country. The county’s northern part mostly made up of the wealthier, habitually Republican neighborhoods, for instance, Franklin Lakes, Wyckoff, and Saddle River voted in President Donald Trump. On the other hand, the southern fraction of the state’s mainly densely populated region, composed of more middle-class, and diverse townships like Teaneck and Hackensack voted for the Democrat’s Hillary Clinton (Astudillo, p 2). In overall, forty towns in the Bergen County voted for the Democrat whereas twenty-nine were for the Republican, and that has been the county’s trend ever since the 1992 elections when the inhabitants voted for George W. Bush. Distinctively, the Bergen County’s southern division is the home to the seven townships that voted for the Democrat’s retired president Obama in the 2012 elections but in the 2016 elections voted for the Republican’s candidate Trump.

            The residents of the Bergen County voted the way they did due to various reasons. First and foremost, most of the working class areas voted for the Democrat Party as they were comfortable with their economic situations and, therefore, still trusted the party. Also, the blame for the financial crisis of the nation had been on the Republican, and those working cannot just think of going back to the situation they were in before Democrats came to their rescue. Conversely, those who were in the uncertain financial condition voted for Trump to at least try in a new party and move out of such a state.

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