The DANEH checklist

The Importance of the DANEH Checklist

The DANEH checklist is an important document that an individual can utilize to obtain accurate health information. The act of monitoring your health aids in the reduction of treatment costs that may be required at a later stage. Yet, the usage of this checklist can also assist a doctor in suggesting the numerous types of ailments that an individial may be diagnosed with if proper nutrition monitoring is not provided. The respiratory system in the body requires special attention because it influences an individual's longevity. In case of any damages or failure to have proper breathing will lead to the aspect of intensive care to help improve the breathing system of that individual. The DANEH checklist can also be used by any individual in the medical field as a treatment tool indicating the activities that will play a significant role in the improvement of a given condition.

The Importance of Concentration in Applying the DANEH Checklist

Before making any decision of the duration that an individual need to start applying this procedure, there is need to identify the duration where the applicant has to concentrate with to attain the ideal solution. For instance, before any surgeon carries out the surgery activity on a patient, there is a need for the individual to mark the surgery spot. It then acts as a guide on the section that needs to be treated other than focusing on a different part that may worsen the condition. In the long run, the patient will hardly provide a complaint regarding the treatment that they have received from the doctor. It is a similar aspect that happens when an individual is to apply the DANEH checklist.

The Checklist's Limitations and Improvements

Improvement: The checklist needs to identify the most appropriate condition when to implement this practice. The checklist hardly offered a significant mode of response to any type of infection that an individual may have. It is because particular infections or sicknesses call for distinct care plans other than using a monitoring tool.

The major goal of the practice is to offer specific therapy that an individual is to be offered. Similarly, the document cannot be easily applied as an individual will require specialized training to understand the model of the application that has to be followed to attain a desirable response. The checklist should be modified to suit a given sickness that an individual is affected with or the condition that this individual is willing to improve. It will then improve on the aspect of saving the time of the applicant. Nevertheless, reducing the questions to a minimal number can also be considered as an improvement factor to the checklist because not all health problems will need an individual to respond to the entire list. There is a need to identify the specific question that medical personnel can use in response to the problem that is affecting the individual. In case an individual responds to the entire questions, I may cause hardship in realizing the major problem that may require specific attention from the medical personnel. In the aviation industry, any modification will be applied to the checklist whenever new configurations need to be applied.


The DANEH checklist is a recommendable document that an individual can use in improving their health status. The straightforward question can be applied to different concepts to help the patient understand the type of response that can be offered during its application.


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