Technology for Quality Life and a Secure Future

Is it possible to think about an existence without technology?

It could be inconceivable to understand life without smartphones, surveillance devices, automatic human resource management or technical devices in the agricultural sector. In particular, technical development takes place dynamically and improvements are taking place every day in the technology to improve the quality of life. The importance of technology will continue to develop and will, in particular, improve the future of agriculture, corporate activities, social life and online shopping.

Convenience in online shopping

Growth in the technology for the last ten years has been substantial affecting every area of lives. For example, the online shopping platforms were limited to purchases of various products and and that market was not fully developed. However, at the moment shopping of almost all products can be done online, booking of travel sites, classes are done online among others thus increasing the E-commerce market and creating more jobs for individuals. This growth in online market base has continued to improve the quality of life through allowing people to shop from any part of the world and acquire the desired product without paying too expensive or waiting too long (Jiang, Yang, and Jun 191). Coupled with the growth in E-commerce is the increased use of internet banking enabling individuals to conduct their business transactions without time or location limit. Issues of the delayed deal because one would not make it to the bank on time are eliminated. That convenience and flexibility can only get better as more time is devoted to technological improvement. In fact, the use of international and online payment options is in the increase like PayPal which is accessible from any part of the world including African nations. Such connection allows business across borders smoothly, and the world keeps growing into that global village. Verhoef et al. (p.175) reiterate this idea by explaining the increased revenues for businesses as a result of expanded clientele base with reduced operational costs.

The most excellent technological advancement in the last ten years

That touches the lives of almost every person is the usage of smartphones across every circle. Cho (p.350) highlights smartphones are now small computers that have resulted in the increased communication through social media and addressing social isolation and improving social capital. We must admit that lives are getting busier each day and time has to be divided between so many responsibilities reducing the amount of time we can have to catch up with our friends and know their progress. But, fortunately, some social media platforms allows that to happen anywhere and anytime of the day. With the smartphones, it is possible to take photos and post on the Facebook platform that allows the friends to view and comment thus connecting people in incredible ways that would be quite difficult apart from the smartphones. Additionally, smartphones have led to increased interpersonal communication between family and friends since one does not have to wait on a landline. One can communicate anytime from any location and even send images and videos to spice up the communication process. Things can only get better and human beings will continue growing and connecting.

Technology has grown and changed the way of carrying out businesses

For the last decade incredibly. Issues pertinent to a business without the use of technology seems difficult even to process. For instance, the need to access legal services like intellectual property rights does not require a lengthy and expensive process in the attorney’s office since it can be carried out online. The marketing of one’s products need not happen in the televisions, radios or national dailies but online. In fact, marketing costs have significantly declined with eth increased marketing options like social media and email marketing as Inversini, and Masiero (p.273) note. Companies can post their products online, the available offers or any changes that are significant and affect the business operations. Such online platforms not only reduce the costs of running businesses but also save both the clients’ time and the company’s time. What that means is that within the same amount of time like ten years ago, a person has more time to engage in various activities. Firms’ websites allow customers to find answers from their queries and concerns without having to be physically there increasing the long-coveted convenience and freedom of one’s time. Amazingly, the means of carrying out businesses has changed regarding the human resources.

With the growth in technology

Flex working arrangements are possible with video-conferencing and increased computer usage a person can work at the confines of their home and report to the office when there is need to do that. The outcome is improved intrinsic motivation among employees as they can balance personal and professional life as Galea, Houkes and De Rijk (p. 1110) suggest thus increasing productivity. Additionally, with highly motivated employees, the turnover is low and human resource costs lower compared to the traditional working times and low motivation among staff. Such a working environment creates a win-win situation for employers and employees and also ripple positive impact to the client.

It would not be alright to speak about changes in technology without considering how it has grown in the agricultural sector

Since this area affects every human being in the face of the earth. With the increased adverse impacts of global warming and climate change affecting the climate patterns globally, the need for technology becomes imperative. Research related to agriculture has been on the increase, and there are a new animal and crop breeds that can withstand the unpredictable weather patterns and still give optimum yield to the farmer (Jacobsen p. 652). Additionally, has grown from just a regular activity to a business one that is carried out for a defined financial goal. The available machinery and technology have reduced the cost of production substantially thus increasing the profit margins and attracting more players in the agricultural sector. For instance, computerized irrigation systems save time by allowing only the water required by the plant. Farms are now becoming tightly controlled environments that enhance reliability and efficiency. The outcome is increased accessibility and affordability of food. Since food takes a substantial portion of the disposable income, affordability is critical if the family is to invest in other areas of their lives. Also, affordable food prices allow a healthy nation and keep diseases and infections at bay. A healthy group of people means increased productivity and saved costs allowing individuals to invest in other aspects of their lives. Notably, Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) estimates that by 2050 agriculture production will have grown by 70% to meet the projected demands in food and that is closely linked to technology (Godfray et al. 812). The diagram below reveals that.

To sum it up

Technology has changed significantly in the last ten years resulting in the use of internet marketing, increased online shopping, and technological advances in agriculture as well as business operations. The result is people have more time to socialize and interact, food production will continue to increase, and costs of running businesses have reduced and enhanced the quality of life. Therefore, growth in technology is something remarkable that has made life more enjoyable and productive. In the future, things can only getter better.

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