Technology and Toddlers Monitoring

Times are changing, and there are even more innovative ways created to help display toddlers. In the past, parents used to stay with their kids and having enjoyable involved playing games, teaching them to read, taking nature walks among others. Globalization then came which brought technology, and it has changed the way children are monitored. Have you ever thought of how technology can benefit or damage your child? At tender ages, they can operate various gadgets such as smartphones, computers, and televisions. More should be expected regarding science in monitoring toddlers as every day; more merchandise are created. Technology can be both beneficial and harmful to the child, and it relies upon on how parents control it. In this paper, I will look at how technology is used to promote behavior in children, what to expect in toddler technology in 2017 and if technology hinders or help toddlers in learning.

Technology has changed the way human being have been behaving and interacting, and one part that has been influenced is monitoring of toddlers. Technology will affect the behavior that toddlers have, and this is of concern since it will reflect in their life in future. According to Steyer, media use by kids has been on the increase, and with the rapid changes having created opportunities and pitfalls, parents have been challenged on ensuring the behavior of their kids do not change. I have a niece who once told me she wants me to help her join Facebook as her friends were on the social media platform. One question that lingered in my mind is, are their parent aware of what this technology might do to their children? Children are exposed to bad content at very tender ages, and this may corrupt their morals and their behavior both at present and in future. Steyer suggests that parents need to use technology to help their toddlers learn things that may help them, monitor their use of technology and having dialogues with their children on the dangers that technology may have to their lives (Steyer, 2014).

Another important aspect concerning the subject is what to expect in toddler technology in 2017 and beyond. In his article, Ryan indicates that approximately four million babies are born every year, and eight million parents are looking for ways to take care of them. Parents have a reason to smile as they can embrace the use of technology to take good care of their kids. Some of the technology we should expect to see if gadget that can be used to monitor various signs of toddles hence being able to establish when they are sick. One such product that has been created as indicated by the author is the pacifier thermometer which is used to measure the body temperature of toddlers. Parents today give their kids various electronic devices to prevent them from misbehaving hence technology is used to stimulate their imaginations. Ryan states that the technologies we should expect will focus on improving ease of use, have educational material, durable and having a have parental control. There is already a market for the products, and if the technologies are created to help parents solve their problems, I believe monitoring toddlers will change completely (Ryan, 2017).

Every parent wants their children to be able to learn at these tender ages. With technology being used to monitor toddlers today, do they help or hinder their process of learning? Technology can hinder or help a child in education, and it depends on how it is used. Philippa states that it is the concern of every parent on what their children do especially when they scroll and press buttons in various gadgets. Technology has provided an opportunity for parents to help their kids learn better and have a better experience. Schools, for instance, have introduced the use of phones and tablets to facilitate learning (Philippa, 2013). The beauty that this offers is that the parent or the teacher can be able to control what their children can access and some applications are used to teach children about various subjects depending on their ages. If parents embrace to use technology to teach their children, the children will develop better as the process of learning using technology is fun and interactive as compared to traditional methods.

Technology is here, and we need to embrace it to help life easy and fun. For monitoring of toddlers, there are advantages as well as disadvantages, and it is for the parent to determine what they want with their children. As indicated above, behavior among children can be influenced by technology, but there are ways to control what children can access hence determining their actions now and in future. More should be expected regarding innovation in the field of toddler technology, and people around the world are investigating ways they can use technology to meet the needs of both the children and parents. Use of technology can hinder or help a child to learn, and it all depends on ways the parents control the use of technology. Technology is evolving and more should be expected in future and parents should find better ways they can use technology to monitor their children and ensure a suitable development process.


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The guardian.

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