Technology and Children Today

In comparison to previous generations of children, today's children have a variety of characteristics. The disparity can be attributed to the children's ever-changing technological world in which they engage in their daily activities. In terms of technology, the new generation's children have various mannerisms, fashion trends, musical tastes, and learning habits. As a result, Ian Jukes and Anita Dosaj's article "Understanding Digital Children (DKs)" elucidates the true essence of today's generation of children. In comparison to the past, today's learner has a variety of learning methods (Jukes, 2006). The past stressed the importance of attending classes as well as purchasing or having access to textbooks for educational purposes. As a result, the passing of knowledge from the instructor to the learner took place in the classroom. Similarly, information regarding localities that far away be accessible through the use of textbooks. However, the modern-day kids have an alternative mechanism of learning due to the advancement in technology. For instance, currently, the children learn from one another, the teacher, through the internet, from other people in distant countries as well as movies. Besides, the online platform has improved modes of learning available to the kids (Jukes, 2006).

In my future role, the need to embrace technology both in teaching, communicating, coordinating and making inquiries is vital. Moreover, adopting technology in routine activities plays a significant role in ensuring an individual keep up to date with the global trends. Hence, it provides easier communication and interaction with others (Jukes, 2006). Although the technological advancement is inevitable, it has both the negative and positive implications for my future roles. On the positive aspects, the technology will ensure maintaining a close relationship with old friends. Moreover, further learning is easier due to technology. However, the prospect of isolation and a reduction in exhibiting a face to face relation with peers is a cause of concern in the future.


Jukes, I. &. (2006, September 13). Understanding Digital Children (DKs. Retrieved from

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