Speech About Ms. Nadia

MPANathifa Forde

A native of Brooklyn, MPANathifa Forde discovered at an early stage in her life that she was gifted with a keen ability to understand people, their motivation and inspiration, and a deep passion for interacting and working with communities. Therefore, Ms. Nadia decided to pursue a degree in Public Administration to have a thorough understanding of both youth and community development. In her degree studies, she noticed the cross-cutting issues which hindered individuals and their families from realizing their full potential. Therefore, she committed herself to empowering young people and their families in transcending the systems and policies provided to assist and impede them. Nathifa felt that she wanted to do more for the community which had given her a lot. She, therefore, applied to the highly competitive National Urban Fellowship program and completed a fellowship at Annie E. Casey Foundation; she also pursued a Masters degree in Public Administration. Nathifa’s passion and long career in the non-profit making sector and experience in philanthropy have been a boost in her current role as Mentoring Project Manager for Mayor’s Fund which caters for NYC Center For Youth Empowerment. She also aligns and streamlines goals which implement the NYC Youth Mentoring Strategic plans across five NYC agencies. The NYC Youth Monitoring, which is a Mayor’s priority, has expanded its mentoring opportunities to NYC high school students and has also focused on doubling these opportunities by the year 2022.

Anne E. Casey Foundation

Anne E. Casey Foundation, which was founded in 1948, is a non-profit and non-governmental organization dedicated to building better lives and future success for disadvantaged children in the USA (The Annie E. Casey Foundation, 2017). It is also geared into strategic consultations and technical assistance towards child welfare agencies that help them keep children safe while strengthening the bond between children and their families and also cater for their long-time success.


The Annie E. Casey Foundation. (2017). Modern Homepage - The Annie E. Casey Foundation.

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