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Smartphones are cell phones that deliver modern technology with comparable functionality to personal computers. Whereas smartphones can provide a streamlined environment for application developers, they act as a full operating system program. These systems provide sophisticated functionality such as instant messaging, e-mail, internet, and not limited to built-in keyboards. With the exponential development in technology, smartphones have become important and almost essential in our everyday lives. Because everybody is looking for comfort, there is a high demand for smartphones that can incorporate many features and provide more entertainment and connectivity. As the world is approaching the age of high technological performance, the needs of people are also becoming more sophisticated than before (Zefferer et al. 2013, p. 143). Besides, quality, effectiveness, and speed are required to remain fit in the technologically changing world. All the features mentioned above are necessary in the daily activities hence there is the need for accessing them everywhere, which can only be made secure with smartphones. Smartphones have exemplified the most convenient and the widest technological ideas in humankind’s history (Avidar et al. 2015, p. 215). The extraordinary combination of features in such devices makes them extremely useful and usable for various purposes. In pleasure or business, smartphones expand the capabilities and assist the humans in getting solutions to their problems timely. This has been influenced by the burgeoning speed of decision-making processes in life and in business that technological companies need for developing new technological devices. Typically, smartphones combine the operations of a handheld computer and a cellular phone in a single device. The main difference between a regular phone and a smartphone is that a smartphone has a large internal storage and an operating system, which a typical mobile phone does not have. Because of the local storage and faster operating system, smartphones can send and receive emails, add and store information, and install various programs.Research questions and objectivesThe research will focus on determining the extent to which smartphones have enhanced connectivity, promoted efficiency, integrated functionality, and accessed entertainment among other things. The research questions will follow the main aims of the research. The first question will be whether smartphones have enhanced connectivity. The second question will be, has smartphones promoted efficiency? The third question will ask whether smartphones have integrated functionality in their components. Fourth, the research will ascertain whether smartphones have made entertainment more accessible than before. Literature reviewVast of research have shown that smartphones play significant roles today because of their connectivity (Zefferer et al. 2013, p. 145). It has been established that a lot has changed as far as the mobile connectivity is concerned. Nowadays, the use of mobile phones has gone beyond merely making phone calls and sending text messages. Smartphones have contributed to easy access to social networks such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram more quickly than in the past. Researchers have also realized that smartphones provide a range of advanced and new connections services. Other than Skype, which can also be installed in the smartphones today, applications like Viber can facilitate international calls at a cheaper cost. Today, one of the most popular applications on the smartphone is the Whatsapp. The app works with a minimum internet connection thus saving the cost of data plan.Clinch (2013) suggested that one of the reasons why smartphones are important in our daily lives is because of their efficiency. The speed with which an individual can perform tasks on their smartphones is nearly unparalleled. More interestingly, in some circumstances, smartphones are even faster than the computers. The Companies manufacturing smartphones today have realized how efficient they can make tasks look like; hence, they have designed larger screens (Clinch 2013, p. 93). The author maintained that the fact that one can synchronize his or her e-mail address in his or her smartphone makes it invaluable. If the smartphone is used for business purposes, which the majority do today, the work becomes more efficient. From the business point of view, people can use their smartphones to collaborate and connect with colleagues. Applications such as Google Docs and One Drive installed in smartphones means that there is a possibility of creating and sharing information with others.According to Kang et al. (2011, p. 921), perhaps the most appealing thing in the smartphone is its functionality. Today, a smartphone can do almost everything. As aforementioned, smartphones can be used at work since they are almost like portable computers. However, there is so much to a smartphone than just its efficiency and connectivity. Smartphones can help in storing some important data such as information, files, and details. The current technological world has an application for almost everything. The app store in the smartphone contains several things, which makes the world closer. For instance, through the app store, one can install Google Map, which shows different locations thus making movement easy.Smartphones enable people to have easier access to the latest entertainment. Instead of carrying with you a laptop to every place you are going, a smart phone can now save you from the headache of carrying your computer everywhere. One can now stream online through their smartphones and get the latest entertainment from the internet. It has also become possible to watch TV shows and online movies through the smartphones. In this respect, smartphones have led to an entertainment revolution (Suki 2013, p. 237). There has been a complete transformation of the world of movies and portable gaming.Research methodologyThis research will involve both qualitative and quantitative techniques. However, since the research will involve getting to know a consumer behavior, a qualitative method will dominate. The data for the research will be collected using questionnaires. The questionnaire papers will contain both open and closed-ended questions. The rationale for using questionnaire tools is that it has demonstrated effectiveness in conducting a mixed research in the past. The questionnaires will be administered to a selected sample size, which will be estimated through random sampling. The researcher will use a convenience method to reach the study population for sampling. The results obtained will be interpreted through charts and analyzed.Research results and analysisBased on the findings of the research, it is undebatable that the current generation needs smartphones more than any other device for their daily operations. Almost everything that is done today be it in the workplace or home require new technology. The advancement in cellular networks makes the world closer and accessible. The results of the research show that smartphones enhances connectivity, promotes efficiency, integrates functionality, and accesses entertainment. The result also gives enough evidence that smartphones can do anything around the world so long as operates normally.In as much as smartphones have made everything easier, it is also important to add to the account that it also has its disadvantages. Statistics have shown that with the introduction of smartphones, there have been increased cases of negative behaviors, particularly among the youths. Many young people are seeking entertainment from their smartphones ending up into addictive behaviors of streaming some unhealthy programs on the internet such as pornographic films. It has also been noted that overindulgence in games and activities in the smartphones encourages laziness both in youths and in the elderly.ConclusionToday, life is becoming so busy, and everyone is focusing on completing his or her needs as compared to the past. Nobody is even giving himself or herself time to think about what he or she wants in life. At the same time, the economy is also changing constantly. Therefore, to overcome the consumer needs, smartphones have been manufactured to bring the required needs. We can use smartphones instead of carrying around our laptops since they perform the same roles as our computers. The technological advancement means that smartphones will soon assume the functions of the other digital devices. The smartphones are making life easier while enabling people to explore the new adventures and realize what they need. ReferencesAvidar, R. et al., 2015. Smartphones, publics, and OPR: Do publics want to engage? Public Relations Review, 41(2), pp.214–221.Clinch, S., 2013. Smartphones and pervasive public displays. IEEE Pervasive Computing, 12(1), pp.92–95.Kang, Y.M., Cho, C. & Lee, S., 2011. Analysis of factors affecting the adoption of smartphones. Technology Management Conference (ITMC), 2011 IEEE International, pp.919–925.Suki, N.M., 2013. Students’ demand for smartphones. Campus - Wide Information Systems, 30(4), pp.236–248. Available at:, T., Golser, F. & Lenz, T., 2013. Towards mobile government: Verification of electronic signatures on smartphones. In Lecture Notes in Computer Science (including subseries Lecture Notes in Artificial Intelligence and Lecture Notes in Bioinformatics). pp. 140–151.Appendix: QuestionnaireHas smartphones enhanced connectivity?Yes [ ]No [ ] Not sure [ ]Any other specify…………………………………………………………..Has smartphones promoted efficiency?Yes [ ]No [ ] Not sure [ ]Any other specify…………………………………………………………..Has smartphones integrated functionality in their components?Yes [ ]No [ ] Not sure [ ]Any other specify…………………………………………………………..Has smartphones made entertainment more accessible than before? Yes [ ]No [ ] Not sure [ ]Any other specify…………………………………………………………..

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