Retirement Nowadays

There are a range of issues facing state-of-the-art seniors, most of which have detrimental effects. The factors have an effect on the senior’s social, physical, and mental well-being. Transitional housing is a challenge to the seniors. As they retire, seniors are given retirement packages, and they are no longer entitled to advantages they received as employees of a firm. Without constant income, seniors have to adjust their budget to a decrease cost. Most of them are forced to change their way of life and adopt an affordable one. Lack of constant source of money prompts the seniors to exchange homes and find a much less costly house. Affording prescription drugs and the fees of receiving health care is a challenge to the seniors. Most of the seniors are not beneficiaries of Medicare plans hence they have to pay out of their pockets. The aspect of catering for own expenses causes most seniors to live with health complications which cause deterioration of their health. The seniors live without knowing how their future health will be since they cannot afford proper treatment. Physical mobility and the aspect of material assistance is a concern for the seniors. Due to old age, the seniors have difficulty in moving from one place to another to accomplish their plans (Peterson, 2016). Therefore, they require assistance from homecare provider who should be paid. Affording money to pay for the expenses of the home care provider is a challenge to the seniors. Loneliness and social segregation are affecting the senior people. Some seniors are affected by the Alzheimer’s disease, and they sometimes die. Additionally, some members of the society do not consider seniors as important people hence have not time for them. Due to aging, seniors are faced with weak bones and loos body muscles.


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