Prostitution and Sex Tourism in Thailand

It has been reported that a tourist from the United States has emailed a Bangkok newspaper, describing unprotected sex with more than a dozen prostitutes. The letter writer was deeply troubled by his experience, but he wanted the Thai public to know how easy it is to engage in sex tourism. In an attempt to make the situation more public, he wrote the letter anonymously, expressing his regret and guilt over his actions.Bringing back girls
Prostitution in Thailand is a common practice, and the economy depends on it to provide for the needs of its citizens. While the practice is illegal, it generates billions of dollars in revenue. Most of the prostitutes in Thailand are young women, and they work in massage parlors, bars, and eating establishments. In some cases, they are recruited against their will.The women involved in this industry generally come from poor farming communities. Many of them begin work as young as 11 years old. While many of the girls are young, some are already in their late teens or early 20s. In many cases, they had a relationship with a Thai young man in their village before being lured into this industry.Although statistics about the numbers of people involved in sex tourism in Thailand are hard to find, estimates range between 250,000 and 2 million. A global black market database called Havocscope puts the figure at the lower end, but other surveys place the number closer to two million.Soapy massages
Soapy massage parlors can be found all over Thailand. These parlors are operated by women who wash their customers' bodies before giving them a massage. While some are full service, others offer only oral sex. Some of the women cover themselves with soapy suds and slide over their customers.Choosing a soapy girl to give you a massage can be intimidating, especially for a first-time visitor. It is wise to drink a few beers before you enter the shop. It also helps to spend some time watching the girls before choosing one. Try to make eye contact with each girl and look for one who smiles and is friendly. While it's not the most romantic way to spend time with a girl, choose someone who seems warm and receptive.A visit to one of these places is an excellent way to learn more about Thai sex culture. You can see the parlors in action in Bangkok. You'll find them inside large, windowless buildings. You can order drinks or chat with the women on duty. The women will then take you to the private room for your massage.Bringing back virgin prostitutes
In Thailand, the sex industry has long been linked to child exploitation and sex trafficking. The country's extreme poverty further contributes to the dark side of the sex industry. As a result, parents sometimes sell or trick their children into prostitution. The virginity of young children is an incredibly valuable commodity.This practice is a growing problem. The Thai government has been reluctant to acknowledge the AIDS epidemic, despite the prevalence of the disease. Prostitution has long been banned in Thailand, but AIDS has been spreading at a faster pace. The most affected regions are Northern Thailand, which has the highest rates of the disease.A survey conducted in 1995 revealed that 80,000 children were involved in the sex industry in Thailand. While the practice has been banned in Thailand, it continues to exist in Cambodia and other Southeast Asian countries. Some sex clubs in Thailand boast of the young age of the girls. In a 1995 study, one third of child prostitutes in Southeast Asia tested positive for HIV.Human trafficking
Thailand's government has taken a number of steps to combat human trafficking in sex tourism. It has started by displaying a video in four languages to discourage commercial sex acts. The government also works with foreign governments to deny entry to known sex offenders. It has also trained its diplomatic personnel on anti-trafficking measures.The Thai police department is attempting to crack down on human trafficking. Thai courts have passed forfeiture orders in 15 trafficking cases, and Thai law enforcement officials continue to hold bilateral meetings with their counterparts in other countries. They are also working to investigate trafficking of Thai victims abroad. Although interagency cooperation is generally effective, some observers note that the police anti-trafficking division struggles to communicate effectively between different agencies.Traffickers in Thailand operate mainly on social media platforms and online chat rooms. These online venues give them access to thousands of vulnerable victims. Once recruited, these women are abused mercilessly. The traffickers also use games to lure young girls and women into performing sexual acts.

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