Progressivism culture

The beginning of the American industrial revolution in the 19th century marked the beginning of the progressivism society. It gets its principles and foundation from the founding fathers of America's concept of a united front working toward a common objective. Great discoveries that propelled the American economy to a top-tier developed state were the hallmark of progressivism. The latter's goal was to industrialize the American political, economic, and social system in order to make America strong through resource mobilization, the use of human labor, and the application of inventions.Towards the beginning of 20th century after world war one; progressivism lost its niche which gave rise to the new deal movement. The devastating effects of the war (WW1), which was proceeded with the great depression of 1939, had the negative impact on the political, economic and social aspect of the United States. The New Deal established with the objective of creating and facilitating reforms that will foster equity and prosperity among the American people; this was evident when presidents Franklin Roosevelt created domestic reforms to stimulate the dwindling economy devastated by post war effects. After the Second World War broke out the reforms were ineffective.

The end world war two (WW2) saw the creation of New Deal which was initiated by President Truman after is surprisingly win over the election.The latter proposed his “21 points” social reforms program to be approved by congress. The objectives of these reforms were to champion for social life improvement improvements of the typical Americans, i.e., tax reduction for low-income earners, expansion of housing plans, national health plan, etc.

All these movements had a unifying factor of championing for improvement and betterment of the American political, social and economic prosperity.

Crisis which progressivism, new deal and fair deal were responding to

The renaissance period saw the industrialization of America. Characterized by the growing economic and social needs in the United States, wealthy individual invested their resources in research and innovation to create wealth and enhance living standards of the American people.

Post war effect of world war one and the great depression, brought rampant poverty and high levels of unemployment. Roosevelt reforms, whose ideals were relief, reform and recovery; addressed these social issues through providing employment opportunities, offering incentives to ensure Americans can provide food for their families.

President Truman was determined to improve the social welfare in America after the end of the Second World War. His Fair Deal reformswere to address social issues, i.e., Low minimum wage, high cost in the property market, national health covers etc.

Supporting and opposing forces for progressivism, new deal and fair deal

Progressivism as a movement gained popularity and faced with challenges in equal measure. It earned criticism among social reformers who suggested that; progressivism has created wealth disparity between the rich and the poor, where a few individuals or group control the majority of the economy. The government offered incentives and grants through the establishment of regulation that favor progressiveness.

The New Deal proposed by President Roosevelt received criticism from the political divide. Among the top challenges were, increasing the national debt thus hindering the long run growth of the economy. Conversely, the American people saw the benefits and were in support of the program because if it’s a direct benefit to them, an example is the creation of employment in the railway sector.

Truman’s Fair Deal received criticismfrom the Legislature, where most of the reforms were shot down by Congress. Social reform factions showed support for Fair Deal suggesting it advocated for social equality and prosperity.

Impact of progressivism, new deal and fair deal policies in U.S

These concepts have facilitated the creation of wealth, diversity, and equality in the United States. Economic prosperity was evident but experienced short comings; it is apparent among all social classes where the living standards have improved over the years, but income disparity still exists in America. People of different color competed and contributed towards the economy without discrimination; still, people of color continue to face various forms of discrimination which hinders them from being productive economically. Both genders participate indiscriminately in any sector of the economy to exercise their right to work freely, which has improved the output of the economy positively. Religious doctrines and principles incorporated policies that facilitated economic growth, i.e., the American’s Urban Church was more proactive to influence reforms formulated through New Deal.


The contemporary political, social and economic structures and systems of America continue to be influenced by concepts and policies that characterize the American dream today. America has a strong and thriving economy making it a superpower state with a refined Constitution, which facilitates its institution and state organs to offer equality and a quality way of life. With a growing and booming economy characterized by good per capita in the 21st century, Americas continue to experience poverty, social vices and crime, increased wage bill among others. United States government should continue to strengthen its social welfare policies to safeguard and enhance the lives of the everyday Americans and minorities while addressing the issue of neo-racism which is cutting across the social fabric.


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