Probable Cause Term

The Term Probable Cause

The term probable cause is the information which police uses to arrest or search criminal suspects. The clause is derived from the 4th amendment of the American constitution that protects peoples and property. However, persons are checked if they are suspected of having committed an offense.

Anticipated Changes to the Bill of Rights

According to the website provided, people will consistently try to change matters which are related to the Bill of Rights if they are not contented with them. The first change which is anticipated is the aspect of arresting suspects without obtaining a warrant. Suspects who have committed minor mistakes like conducting wrong car stops are likely to be issued with probable cause in the future. The rationale for this action is to enhance clarity by describing to drivers or passengers their felonies before they are charged. The other change is that there is a likelihood of arresting capital offenders without producing a probable cause. The rationale for this actions is to discourage individuals from killing or stealing from others using force.

Comparison of Probable Cause and Reasonable Suspicion

The concept of probable cause is similar to reasonable suspicion since they are both used on criminal offenders. Furthermore, they are applied when looking for the lost property, life, during a search or when there are other forms of frauds. Nevertheless, the two theories are different since probable cause is the information which is used by the law enforcement officers to search or arrest criminals while reasonable suspicion is a lawful standard order that officers use to capture people. Secondly, there is full evidence that an offense has been committed in probable cause whereas reasonable suspicion requires further investigations to be done. The relationship that exists between the two concepts concerning search and seizure is that officers come up with reasonable suspicion on a person before they produce a probable cause. They suspect something before finding facts of different offenses on lawbreakers.

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