Personal Identity

Identity and Perception

Identity is a thinking that one develops about themselves which usually changes in the course of one's lifetime. It may additionally also involve specific elements of life that an individual may not have control over, such as the place where one grew up, some of the alternatives that an individual makes in life as well as one's complexion. In the direction of life, one may outwardly demonstrate aspects of their identification by the manner in which they interact with people as properly as what they wear. Moreover, there are some aspects of personal identity that can be stored within oneself no matter how essential they would possibly appear to be.

Thesis Statement

My uncle thinks that I'm lazy and unmotivated to succeed in my studies, although I'm very ambitious and determined to realize my dreams in life by scaling the heights of academia.

Uncle's Perception

Just as I have mentioned of how lowly my uncle thinks of me as a person who is lazy and lacks the motivation to succeed in my school, it did not just come as a result of one incident or personal differences that I may have with him. Over the years, my uncle has kept on taunting me as someone who cannot excel in my studies without even posing to find out how I perform in school. The first incident was when we had a family gathering that involved all members of the extended family. During the introduction, all the grandchildren were asked to mention full names of at least five of the relatives who were present at the gathering. When my time came, I only managed to say three. No sooner had I finished than my uncle exclaimed in front of everyone in the meeting that I'm a lazy kid and even seemed to lack the ability to succeed in my academic studies. Besides that, he again told his family that he thinks that my conduct shows that I'm someone who cannot even remember whatever I'm I learn in school going by what he heard my mother complain about me. He remarked that when he overheard my mother one day complain that I forgot to close the water taps before I left for school.

Personal Achievements

Nonetheless, my uncle's perception about me does not hold an ounce of truth. The performance records I have broken in school speak for themselves. Ever since I started schooling, I have never gone below the third position in my class. My parents are proud of me because of the excellent results I have been scoring ever since I joined first grade. Additionally, it's not only my parents who are impressed by the sound academic performance I have been attaining in school, but my teachers too have also had glowing remarks to make.

Hard Work and Diligence

Regarding the issue of laziness that my uncle thinks of me, I may say that he is mistaken or his perceptions of me might be influenced by personal vendetta or lack of information. Throughout my school life, my success is attributable to the hard work and diligence in class. Not once have I been awarded certificates of merits in recognition of the hard work I have displayed both in class work and co-curricular activities. Apart from representing my school in netball, I have also once been awarded the trophy for being the best player of the interschool tournament that was held last year in our school. That could not have been achieved without hard work. All those examples help to define how I see myself as a hard-working person who does not rest until he gets what he sets his eyes on.


In conclusion, I may say that personal identity, being life concepts that keep on evolving may not necessarily hold any truth if it comes from what other people perceive of you. My take on identity is the consistent elements or habits that one inadvertently displays about themselves without having to state or define them by himself. Although people are not often objective about the assessment of the personal identity of other people, their perceptions will always play a significant role in the definition of personal identity.

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