People at Rio Olympics Games

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Sports and culture, without a doubt, play a major role in people’s lives in today’s economy. Sports are considered to be of great significance because they are meant to have a positive effect on the general public, both those who engage in sports and those who do not. Almost all countries around the world, both developed and emerging, as well as underdeveloped economies, have taken measures to ensure that the area of sports is strengthened in the economy (Eitzen, D. S.) (2016). This has aided in the development of well-rounded people and global visibility for all of the world’s economies. Global exposure will affect both the economies as well as the

individuals in the face of the world. It is as a result of global exposure that the Jamaican nation

has been known short races in sports as well as the Kenyan people for participation in the long

races sports. This has made a great significant and exposure to the world about the richness of

talents in some countries which were never thought to have had the same privileges. This has

enhanced a great move to the people and the economy at large. The impact off sports can be said

to be a well-rounded impact that significantly affects the individual as well as the economy at


The individual impact of sports affects those who participate in sports as well

those who do not participate in sports. Promotion of talents affects those who participate in

sports and in great significance help them to earn a living. It is with this desire that most

economies have place sports as one of the key plays in the economic progress. Economies will

consider the fact that through sports there is improvement of lives of the common people who

participate in sports both locally and internationally. This will necessitate therefore that there be

an important sector in the economic progress agenda that gather for the benefits of sports and

enhancement of the well-being of the people. In placement of this it is significant to ensure that

sports at the local level of the country is greatly emphasize to create an aspect of sports progress

as well as placing significant impact in the importance of sports in the economy. Local players

who engage in various sports such as athletic and ball games should be greatly encourage and

create promotion in them to significantly impact their lives positively and also to create a sense

of global exposure of them. Culture enhancement and promotion of culture is also another

significant factor that is place to be of importance as it helps to promote a general exposure of

the community which can be a source of income to the community as well as the economy at

large. It goes with no saying that no community survive without a distinct and separate cultural

practice that uniquely identifies the community in the face of other communities to enhance and

promote a great role of culture in the enhancement of sports. Culture itself can be considered a

form of sports by other communities who do not practice that culture. Through cultural activities

some communities are able to earn income as well as spread their cultural beliefs to impact the

life of other in order to enhance a great role of culture in sports (Woods, R. (2015). Cultural

enhancement affect the way some communities will perceive other communities by creating a

sense of importance that is attached to that community that will help to enhance sports and

entertainment from these communities. This cultural experience is of great significance since it

helps to impact the lives of the people. Change in the lifestyle of most residents of sports host

economies is as a result of sports enhancement in the economy. Lifestyle is an aspect of cultural

practice that has been inscribed into the life of an individual for longer period of time. though

interaction brought by sports some people have been able to adopt new lifestyle from other

people that has helped to positively create interaction almost various people

In terms of economic impact, sports can be said to be one of the key economic

pillars of any economy in the world. Developed economies such as Brazil and the United States

have placed sports as one of their fundamental development as it is the one that helps to enhance

economic growth in the economy. For example, as was seen in the case of Brazil when they

hosted the 2016 Olympics it helps to create various economic avenues that the country was able

to venture into in order to enhance their potential in hosting the whole event. The country was

force to open up remote areas through construction of roads and other infrastructural

development that were seen to open up the remote are (Jacobs, E. (2013). Enhancement of the

electric system in the country was one of the key development of the economy. This

development in the electric and the lightning systems in the economy could be seen as an avenue

through which the economy could open up the remote areas and open up those areas for the

benefit of the country at large. This has been seen later to have affected the lives of most

Brazilians positively as this help to open other avenues that could not be seen in absentia of this

infrastructure. Thanks to Rio Olympics 2016. This economic enhancement means has gone a

great mile in the discussion of our team on the experience that most people have had as a result

of sports hosting in their economies. This significant experience in 2016 in Brazil has left the

Brazilians with a lot to image and discover about the potential that their economy has. It is with

great attachment and personality that leaders of most countries all over the world have had to

enhance or compete for the hosting of these major sports events in order to help the discover the

economic potential that lies in their country. This has been and enhancement and creation of a

sense of corporation in most economies as this will also help to rediscover the economic

significance that most countries attachés to sports. It is also important to take into consideration

the income earning aspect and the creation of the tourism sector in the economy through sports

that will help to open up both the remote and the developed areas of a country (Wates, N. (2014).

It is through sports that most tourist will find their way to countries they would have never

imagine of stepping and create an impact in these countries through economic enhancement as a

result of revenues that they bring along when they visit these countries. It is also important to

mention the aspect of economic diversification that comes along with the significance of sports

in the economy. Economic diversification helps to change the view of the economic reality of

most economies from a one-sided economy to a multisided economy. Sports itself is said to b an

aspect of income earner in the economy, and through sports some economies have been able to

diversify in order to enhance their economic growth. of different geographical location.

In drawing attention to our second topic of discussion on how shift in sporting

events and culture could be comprehended, it is important to note that sports come with great

impact on peoples live that is likely to affect their cultural practice as well as way of life. It is

also important to note that as a result of social interaction that comes along with sports there is

the creation of a well-established significant change of shift of some cultural practices by

individual who decide to copy or even adopt a new cultural set of practices (Schulenkorf, N.

(2012). This set of practices will be incorporated into the normal aspect of life or to be

completely adopted as a new way of life by the people of the community affected. It is also of

importance to note that the point of concern here is the creation of understanding that comes

along with the change in cultural practice as a result of sports. It is majorly the younger

generation of the society that will be affected by these cultural shifts and it is upon the society to

base their understanding on this in order to create harmony of to enhance the aspect of societal

incorporation (Taks, M. (2013). As displacement of people arose during the 2016 Rio Olympics

that resulted in the displacement of the Vila Autrodomo, it posts a great impact of discussion as

on how to comprehend these people as a result of their displacement that resulted in the

somehow change in their cultural practice. This is seen to have a great impact in the lives of

these people as this created a sense of rebellion from the country authority which was not the

case. It is of important to place emphasis on the impact of their displacement as this resulted in

shift in their lifestyle due to change in the location of residence as well as interaction with new

people and environment (Horne, J., & Whannel, G. (2016). This can therefore be said to

have affected the lives of these people and the how to comprehend the effect is to create an

inclusive society that is geared towards enhancing the welfare of one another.


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