Neighboorhood Child Poverty and development of Juveniles

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The main author of this piece is Velma Murry McBride. She was a researcher with an outstanding and prominent career with instrumental and auxilliary contributions to the human development understanding, especially for places with African Americans and Latinos. The other issues that she handled include family, racism, and the implication of the other factors that affect the family unit. She has collaborated with other authors and her expertise has been deemed excellent especially after her journal – Neighbourhood Poverty (Velma, 2011).
Core purpose of the Author and Nature of the Journal Information
In the beginning, Murry was propelled by her zeal, ambitions, and willingness to address the challenges facing the Black People of American both Latino and Africans. It was clear that the topic had been a thorny issue which was turning the attention of this author to the very limits. Her principal objective was to survey, analysis and summarize the findings to help and challenge the government to adopt a sensitive mechanism to address the problem and predicament creating disparities between the black and white denominational populations in America. To establish a strong argumentative pile of points pertaining to her topic of discussion, the author intensively and gleefully puts across the definition of key terms in the journal. The information in the article is based on facts which are firmly substantiated by previous research findings by relevant experts in the field. The information is actually and principally researched with a strong documentation and incorporation of findings from previous authors (Velma, 2011).
Evidence for Hypothesis

Presumably, the reader’s author has made inferences that accept a hypothesis for the study. The article has been written on the hypothesis that the adolescents exist in the societies which are paradoxical. The evidence for the hypothesis are provided by the reference which describes the US economies as well as the statistical facts that show that the total number of children who are living poverty have risen by 21 % in the year 2000 and the year 2008. About 14 million children have been provided to be living in families that have less than recommended poverty level estimates by the federal government.

Central Argument and Conclusions

The premier arguments are based and linked directly with the research topic about the life and development of adolescents coupled with its relationship surrounding or neighborhood poverty. The article is centered at reviewing the past decade studies on the implications of poverty and neighborhood on juvenile normative and anti- normative development and progress. The next argument is the link and associations between the development of adolescent identity and neighborhood poverty. Academic achievement is another argument clear in the essay. This argument is effectively flagged by the elements of internalization and externalization behaviors. The studies of disparities in physical health and environmental and genetic impacts on adolescent growth and development stage a pillar argument of this journal. Another argument is Family and Neighborhood influences on the behavioral and intellectual qualification of school going children. Neighborhood measures and models form a formidable argument in this essay (Browning, Leventhal & Brooks, 2008).
As a conclusion, each section is summarized, and the recommendations of tackling methodological and theoretical issues touched at the end of each section. The literal piece is collectively terminated by a copy of a promising collection of strategies for near future studies and research. These strategies included recommendations and proposal to address methodological and theoretical aspects encompassing and plaguing the research field. The challenges are directly or indirectly linked with the poverty and the outcomes of adolescent development. The addressed aspects include the bias of Sample Selection, Methodology, and Conceptual Clarity as well as Research Design.

Quality of the Article

The article reports on a comprehensive study, and the author does amazingly outline the methodology used. The expected results are also unanimously illustrated in the finishing section of the essay, and the recommendations show how the challenges of environment and adolescent advancement can be attacked. To bolster the quality margin of the essay, the author attractively puts across the relevant information and pillar arguments and the bond established makes the essay flow simply unbelievable. The easy is logically, and this makes it very easy to follow and understand. The idea to put the arguments in a relatively manner of quality makes the message dissipation a very subtle approach.
The writer’s style and skill of passing ideas and supportive research findings are just humongous and colossal. The style suits the need to establish a quality manner of passing the information to the relevant authorities and even other suitable consumers of the information, for example, the general public. The author is objective as he just uses facts and previous finding results to corroborate and ratify the essay message. Although it’s hard to avoid emotions on such a sensitive issue as the youth and juvenile development, she tries to hide the unnecessary emotional aspects. This act protects the significance and weight of the arguments building the essay framework. This kind of essay does not need many illustrations to support the information passed by the author. It is still an astute and robust approach without charts and illustrations to give information and concepts (Velma, 2011).

How to improve the article

There are a number of ways in which the author can improve the article. First, the author can improve the article by avoiding restrictions to the keywords. Understanding the unique elements of the topic will provide the author with better terms of research. Avoiding keywords would enable the author to focus on common terms that are easily understandable by all readers hence making the article more relevant. Secondly, the author of the article should improve the background research performance. Performing a better background research would enable the author to identify as well as to understand significance aspects of the research problem. Additionally, doing the background research would enable the author to narrow the issues and combine the various elements that have been identified to create new research terms hence making the article more relevant and original. Finally, the author needs to minimize the use of complex terms. The author should adopt the use of simple terms which would make the article more understandable to the readers. The primary reason for which readers maintain concentration to an article is the ability to understand the content of the article. Use of complicated terms makes it complex hence reducing the concentration level of the readers. The article will as such be improved by making the article simpler by eliminating complicated vocabulary.

Reflection and Conclusion

This essay is quite a well-done piece of literature whose intensity and significance cannot be taken for granted. This essay passes my test for critique and it an absolute example for future research experts to follow. It is a simple presentation of very sensitive information hence making it simply one of the best I have met.

Browning, Leventhal and Brooks-. (2008). Neighborhood structural inequality,collective efficacy, and sexual risk behavior among urban youth. Journal of Health and Social Behavior, 49,, 269 – 285.
Velma McBride Murry,. (2011). Neighborhood Poverty and Adolescent Development. JOURNAL OF RESEARCH ON ADOLESCENCE, 21(1), , 114 – 128.

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