Nature vs. Nurture

I am the way I am due to the fact of both nature and nurture. It is essential to understand that nature is inherited facets by a child from parents; for example height, complexity, and general behavior. Whereas, nurture is care and attention given to someone being brought up. Therefore, nature and nurture play a tremendous role in human life because fetus fitness and child development define an man or woman respectively.


is in control of the basic development of the fetus to healthful and normal infant. Mothers are always advised to hold good health by ingesting a balanced diet, avoid substance abuse and always perform the bodily exercise to develop fetus though such recommendation cannot lead to the development of an intelligent infant. Genetic inheritance has a big impact on human life; for example some advantageous features such as athletic talent and vulnerabilities to some hereditary diseases such diabetes.


plays a major role in early child development. I advocate that nurture affects human development because little children are nurtured through early childhood education to increasing thinking capacity. The intelligence of a child is improved through exposure to new things and the environment. Children from rich families are more nurtured as compared to those from low-income families because they access advanced and continuous nurture facilities.

Practice makes perfect. Those activities we practice in our daily helps in improving our knowledge; for example daily interaction in school helps students to communicate effectively and improve interpersonal skills. Most celebrities are shining worldwide because they were nurtured through talent nurturing academies.

In conclusion

Nature and nurture contribute greatly to human life. However, nurture plays a big role because it shapes personal life based on personal self-actualization. Therefore, I can advocate that I am who I am today because of both nature and nurture.

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