Mozart & Salieri

Mozart was one of the most prolific composers of the Classical period. He was born as Joannes Chrysostomus Wolfgangus Theophilus Mozart and lived for only 40 years. During his lifetime, he composed around 800 works in many different genres. Today, Mozart’s music is still enjoyed by millions.

Beethoven’s symphonies
Beethoven’s symphonies are among his most beloved, and one of the most enduring, pieces of music. The composer was almost deaf by the time he wrote his Ninth Symphony, but it still features many stunning moments.

Haydn’s symphonies
Haydn was a very well-known and popular composer throughout Europe. His compositions influenced both Mozart and Beethoven, and were published widely. However, many of his works are disputed, and one symphony is lost. Haydn shows significant growth throughout his career, and his symphonies reveal this growth in form and content.

Handel’s symphonies
Handel’s Symphonies are among the most popular and beloved works of the Baroque era. While his style differed from those of Bach and Telemann, his compositions are still very popular today. Mozart’s first encounter with Handel’s music occurred when he spent some time in London in 1764 and 1765. There he met several people who knew Handel personally.

Schumann’s symphonies
In Schumann’s fifth symphony, Mozart and the orchestra build tension throughout the piece, and at the end of the piece, he reaches an opulent crescendo. As the brass intones a rising figure, a heroic dotted-rhythm theme emerges. This inspiration propels the music into a fast, brisk conclusion. The composer then returns to the heroic dotted-rhythm theme of the first movement, as well as the main idea of the finale.

Salieri’s symphonies
Whether you’re a lover of the classical repertoire or just want to try something new, Mozart & Salieri may be the perfect solution. It’s a new musical by long-time friend David Ivers and a relative newcomer, Carl St. Clair, and it’s being performed by the Pacific Symphony, a magnificent orchestra. Listening to these pieces live is an experience unlike any other – a rare and wonderful treat! It’s impossible not to be moved by the sound of a full orchestra – Mozart’s music is always better with full orchestral force.

Vivaldi’s concertos
Vivaldi composed more than 500 concertos for the violin and other instruments for the benefit of his students. Of these, 230 were aimed at the violin. However, he also wrote concertos for two or more instruments, including the guitar. The guitar version of these works is probably the best-known.

Salieri’s opera Die Entfuhrung aus dem Serail
Die Entfuhrung aus dem Serail by Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart is a singspiel in three acts. Its libretto was composed by Gottlieb Stephanie and based on a poem by Christoph Friedrich Bretzner, Belmont und Constanze. It is about a young man named Belmonte, who is aided by his servant Pedrillo. They are trying to save Constanze from Pasha Selim.

Mozart’s symphonies
Mozart’s symphonies are among his most popular works. The first of these works, A major Symphony, K. 201, dates from 1774. It is a monumental piece with expansive proportions and a persistent sense of unease. Three of the four movements are written in sonata form, yet the overall effect is one of symphonic gravitas and soaring emotion. The Andante is a powerful, magical piece that begins with muted strings and then builds to a crescendo of sweeping sound.

His relationship with Antonio Salieri
In Mozart’s life, Salieri is a major figure. Although Mozart’s works are renowned, Salieri is the composer’s rival. Salieri’s rivalry with Mozart is portrayed in the play Amadeus, which is based on the Peter Schaffer play of the same name. The play suggests that Salieri’s poisoning of Mozart may have contributed to his early death.

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