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In the inspiring phrases of mother Teresa “it’s not how we give however how much love we put into giving”. From an early age, I was taught the value of neighborhood service, understanding our society’s philanthropic needs and taking the right motion to assist in solving them. My background has fashioned my identity into the spirit of charity and volunteerism. My mother initially delivered me to National Charity League so that I would grow to be aware of the needs of my neighborhood or organizations nationally. My parent’s wanted to broaden my information of social or political issues that affect my community or country.
The National Charity League Yorba Linda is a mother-daughter nonprofit company that fosters the relationship through philanthropic volunteerism. NCL pride is based on the impact that mothers and daughters have on the lives of the local communities through hands-on volunteerism. The NCL Experience inspired and empowered me to succeed confidently, being socially aware and seeing beyond my own personal struggles. Since NCL has been a big part of my life for the last 6 years, my family and I decided to start our own nonprofit called, One Team. This is a charitable organization that raises money for sports equipment for underprivileged children, who lack funds and don’t have the opportunity to play sports, learning how to make team sacrifice for the greater good.

We can all have the power to give if you have an open heart to serve, or are willing to just make a connection with someone you normally don’t have the opportunity to meet. NCL instilled in me the spirit and knowledge of leadership through organizing meetings, fundraising events and volunteers events. The development of leadership skills has nurtured my confidence through the opportunity to gain problem solving skills and build a supportive environment based on genuine friendships. The cultural experience has cultivated my values and traditions shaping my role the in contribution to our communities. It taught me the true worth of setting goals, sharing responsibilities, discipline, sacrifice, hard work, disappointment, loss, wins, and sportsmanship.

NCL gave me a base of the many different support organizations like Grand mom’s hope and national organizations such as the American Red Cross. I vividly recall transforming the life of a child in Grand mom’s hope that had lost her mother in a car accident. She was completely detached and unconnected emotionally; still, I kept trying to reach her by reading to her, singing, playing puzzles, or simply giving her hugs. Towards the end of the summer camp, she started to open up with little sunshine’s of smiles and although she didn’t speak much she gave me the warmest hug. What I didn’t realize until now was that the hug she gave me was a symbol of hope, that whatever struggles I may be encounter at the time, as is well. Helping her was also a part of my healing process.

California Association of Student Councils is a nonprofit student run leadership and advocacy organization. I have been a member for the last 3.5 years and was a counselor last year, it is a constantly challenging environment but you get to grow your leadership skills. It’s not a natural process for me but as I continue to push my personal boundaries, I start to realize that the only limits I have are the ones I create for myself. My motto is to teach my students to challenge their limits and not limit their challenges! Something I need to constantly remind myself with as I go through life. My foundation in NCL, One Team, and CASC, have shaped my interest in studying sociology so that I can help make improvements in people lives on a larger scale, possible at the judicial level . Emanuel Swedenborg accentuates that “True charity is the desire to be useful to others with no thought of recompense.”

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