Money’s influence on Sports

Franck, Egon, and Markus Lang.

A theoretical evaluation of the influence of money injections on risk taking in soccer clubs.

This article offers a comprehensive approach to the impact of money on the progress of sporting activities related to football clubs.

Frank et al illustrate the component of incentives in the soccer sector. According to the author, money plays a very crucial function in the management of clubs. However, there are critical risks related to money, especially injections into the club. The presence of a private sponsor in a club places the club into a high-level risk zone within the industry.

Frank takes a comic look into the ideology of the risk associated with money and postulates that money raises many issues in a sporting career. On the contrary, money helps in boosting the performance levels of the athletes in the field. It prepares the individual psychologically for a missionary target. In addition, it raises the level of internal morale.

The author uses theoretical survey to illustrate the contexts of money as a key player in the running of sports activities. By focusing on private sponsoring of clubs, there is a clear concern on the emergence of individuals who bail out your bill with increased risks attached to the act.

Notably, the authors' language is simple and very clear in the approach to money. While I agree with the author that money has potential risks and benefits in the sports industry, it can hugely raise the level of a number. However, the reasoning here is not justifiable within the context of both benefits and challenges with money.

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