Marilyn Monroe - A Look at Some of Her Career Highlights

Marilyn Monroe's Career

Marilyn Monroe was a popular American actress, singer, and model. She became famous for her comedic "blonde bombshell" roles. During the 1950s, Monroe was a sex symbol and an icon for the sexual revolution. In the 1960s, her image became even more iconic. Here's a look at some of her career highlights. Let's start with her nude photo, taken by Tom Kelley.

Marilyn Monroe's Career in the 1950s

By the early 1950s, Marilyn Monroe had become a leading lady in the movie business and was nicknamed the "it girl" by some. During this period, she starred in several major blockbusters. However, her career was not without its pitfalls. Monroe often arrived late for film shoots, and she became too dependent on acting coaches to get through her films. Despite her success, she experienced several problems with her career.

Her Stutter

It may have been a coincidence that the movie star had a stutter, but her stutter did not hinder her career in any way. Her famous breathy speech was attributed to her speech therapist, who taught her to speak with deliberate breathing before saying each word. Most viewers thought that the actress's breathy speech was sexy, but it was actually a result of her efforts to overcome her stutter.

Her First Starring Role

Niagara was Marilyn Monroe's first starring role. The film is a dark thriller set during the Spanish American War. Monroe radiated beauty in the role of unfaithful wife of Joseph Cotton. Her performance in the film changed her career. She went from supporting roles in B-Movies to starring roles. Here are her most memorable roles. In addition to her many best-known roles, she was also the first actress to win a Golden Globe.

Her Nude Photo by Tom Kelley

Tom Kelley, nicknamed the 'Godfather of pin ups', was an American photographer. During the 1940s, he photographed many Hollywood celebrities, including Marilyn Monroe. He shot nude images of the starlet in 1949, which were then distributed as calendar art. One of these nude photographs was included in the first issue of Playboy magazine, and has since become one of the most famous nudes in history.

Her Relationship with Emmeline Snively

There is a lot of misunderstanding about Marilyn Monroe's relationship with her modeling agency head, Miss Snively. While the agency was a pillar of the movie industry, Snively was a key figure in the actress's life. During the 1940s, she remained very active, becoming Monroe's manager and coach. She was an indispensable figure in Monroe's life and career.

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