The contribution of women to the field of science is undeniable. Marie Curie is evidence to this fact. Although at the time science was dominated by men, she managed to achieve feats like being the first person ever to receive two Nobel Prizes: one in physics and the other in chemistry. This paper is going to study the life of Marie Curie and how she got her achievements.
Marie Curie, birth name Sklodowka, was born on November the 7th 1867, in Warsaw Poland which was then a Russian empire. She was brought up by parents who believed strongly in education; they were school teachers. She moved to Sorbonne, Paris in 1981 where she studied Physics and mathematical sciences and later got a license to practice in the two fields.
It is in Sorbonne that she met her husband, Pierre Curie. Together, they won the Nobel prize in 1903, for discovering radium as an element they wrested from mother earth one of her most priceless secrets (Curie 3). They had found a cure for cancer (Koestler & Rachel 7) .They got inspired after Henri Becquerel’s discovery of radioactivity in 1896. This motivated Marie to further study radiology and in 1911 she won another Nobel Prize for successfully producing radium as pure metal.She will be remembered for her contributions in the fields of Physics and Chemistry, as the first ever woman Professor of General Physics in the science Faculty and as the first woman and first person to receive two Nobel Prizes (Greg 5). She will also be remembered for dying of leukemia in her endeavor to help humanity.
She proves that have been big contributors in the field of science. From the way she led her life dedicated to science, and her contributions to humanity. She is a motivation to many women scientists such as her daughter.Works cited
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