Laptop vs Desktop Computers

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A computer and computer software are a symbol-manipulation machine that has been programmed. It has a large storage capacity and responds to a collection of instructions in a predictable manner (Ling & Bridgeman, 2013). Computers, on the other hand, vary in terms of processing speed and storage space. As a consequence, it is important for a person to choose a computer with the best possible features. In this paper, we’ll look at how to figure out which is the best deal between a laptop and a desktop computer.
Before deciding on a machine, it is important to weigh a variety of factors and attributes. Knowing how to use a computer properly will allow a person to purchase a computer that will fit his/her specifications and needs. A desktop computer is clustered and hard to move due to various cables and wires that are connected to each other (Ling & Bridgeman, 2013). Due to its large size and different parts such as a monitor that need to be connected to the desktop computer, it makes it cumbersome and less portable and hence it is designed for a single location. For the laptop computer, the keyboard, mouse, and speakers are inbuilt and therefore, there is no need for wires and cables. The laptop computer is very portable, occupies a small space and therefore, an individual can carry it around easily.

The performance of a desktop computer and a laptop computer vary significantly (Kim, Aulck, Bartha, Harper & Johnson, 2014). For a desktop computer, it has better components that are capable of handling graphics in a better manner. It is also suitable for the most hardcore gaming. Contrary to this, a laptop computer has its limits, and it cannot handle new release hardcore games though it performs some light games. A laptop’s battery is limited, and usually, it overheats quickly. On the other hand, a desktop’s computer battery can last for an extended period provided you do not keep it turned on for many days. Maintenance of computers is essential in determining which type of computer to purchase. For a desktop computer, it is very easy to maintain and customize (Powers & Potenza, 1996). You can choose the best brand for each component as opposed to a laptop computer that is sold as a whole and hence it’s difficult to upgrade. Unless it is a hard drive or memory, to upgrade other parts one needs to purchase a new laptop.

The cost of buying a desktop computer is cheaper as compared to a laptop computer. However, despite the fact that a desktop computer is cheap, it consumes a lot of energy due to its many components. Ease of assembly is another factor to consider when choosing the best computer to purchase. For a desktop computer, it is cumbersome to connect the different components together, and it is time-consuming to hook them up. However, a laptop is easy to start and get running, as it just needs to be plugged into the power cable supply and it is ready to use. Even though a desktop computer may be the best deal overall due to its performance and other qualities, the final decision remains with the buyer’s preferences (Van Eygen, De Meester, Tran & Dewulf, 2016).

Due to different taste and preferences among people, it is crucial to choose what you like based on the computer qualities. Some people will go for portability hence choose a laptop computer, while others will go for excellent performance and powerfulness hence go for a desktop computer. For individuals who stay at home most of the time, a desktop computer is the computer of choice and those who travel every time a laptop computer is the computer of choice.


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