John Updike Book Review

The three most captivating of John Updike’s works are the Olinger Stories: A Selection, The Maples Stories and In the Beauty of the Lilies. John Updike was a renown American novelist, poet, art critic and short story writer. Several of his testimonies and poems made the appearance in The New Yorker from as early as 1954. From the description of his subjects as ‘‘the American small town,” John was in a position to identify his unique style of prose. In Updike’s books, extra so the ones listed above, the conventional themes that have been brought up are religion, sex, marriage and America life.
According to the e book The Maples stories (John Updike, 10th July 2010), the writer has discussed on the marriage of Richard and Joan Maple up to their separation. The writer revisits the union for over a length of the time to depict the ups and downs faced by the family throughout their stay together including the upbringing of their four children and how the environment around them changes. Updike also writes marriage ends is always less than ideal and almost all the things have a purpose in heaven.

Furthermore, the book Olinger Stories give the artists of opposite temperament. The book contains John Updike’s autobiographical stories that mostly talk about his boyhood and lifestyle in the early 1940s. Some of the works inside the book include ‘‘The Happiest I’ve Been” and ‘‘Pigeon Feathers, ” and both discuss immorality in America. Lastly, there is ‘‘In the Beauty of the Lilies” that was published in the year and stands out to be a fascinating novel read before. The story has a four-section division, and the naming is based on the names of central characters.

For instance, the chapter ‘‘Clarence” is about the extraordinary socially Presbyterian minister who has a feeling of being left by faith. He finds himself in a situation where he is not able to serve God. Later, Clarence quits the ministry and finds himself in the movies sector after three years. In summary, the three books discussed contain fantastic stories

and poems that are very educative to the learner. They bring out several themes that mostly apply to the healthy life.

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