In the past decade, Microsoft steered its mission of impacting the world through computer technology

Microsoft’s mission of impacting the world through computer technology has shifted in the last decade to another level of developing personal computers (PC). Unlike in previous years, when Microsoft concentrated exclusively on the production of operating systems and applications, it has now extended into the development of smartphones, tablets, and, most recently, notebooks. Though its smartphones and tablets have suffered in the market due to the dominance of Android and Apple gadgets (Brandon 2), the Microsoft Surface Book, a two-in-one (laptop and tablet) computer, is not only a revolution in the PC environment but convenience at its finest. This laptop is a great innovation for all purposes including business, learning, entertainment, and gaming. In this report, Microsoft_x0092_s New Surface Book laptop is critically analyzed to determine its application as per the hardware and software specifications. Surface Book is a great innovation for increased performance and productivity in both home and work settings.
Product characteristics
The surface book combines great features to deliver the purpose of the user. It comes with the Sixth-generation Intel Core i5 or Core i7 processors (Corden 2). In simple words, these kinds of the processor when combined with its 8 GB random access memory (RAM) defines its superiority above many other laptops available in the market (“Buy Microsoft Surface Book – Microsoft Store” 1). Moreover, it has NVIDIA GeForce Graphical Processor Unit (GPU) that gives the laptop the highest resolution power of 1366 x768 pixels on its native display and up to 2560 x1600 in the latest release on the external display (“Buy Microsoft Surface Book – Microsoft Store” 2). More important, the display has PixelSense touchscreen functionality thereby enabling the use of Surface Pen. In all need for computers, these features dictate the efficiency and convenience in both execution and completion of tasks. The only average aspect with this device is its storage. As a laptop, its 128 to 200 GB hard (“Buy Microsoft Surface Book – Microsoft Store” 1-2) drive space may not be compelling, but as a tablet, it is another unleashed strength in this machine. Also, it is a built in a solid-state top perfectly accommodate the device_x0092_s Windows 10 Pro and its integrated _x0091_support such as both high definitions (HD) video and audio processing.
Figure1. The 2-in-1 Surface Book adapted from Microsoft Store, 2017.
The physical design that Surface Book is built in is another story for technology enthusiast. As mentioned above, this laptop is two in one. That is to say user can simply detach its 13.5-inch screen display part from its lower _x0091_at his or her convenience. As glimpse to the future of Ultraportable design, the entire system is super slim, measuring 0.9″ and weight of 3.48 lbs. (Corden 3). Furthermore, it has front and rear cameras both 5 and 8 megapixels respectively while its battery is Lithium-polymer prototype that occurs designed for energy conservation and performance (Hachman 2). These features fit the laptop perfectly well in an office environment.

Figure2. The slim and flexible design of Surface Book Pro adapted from Microsoft Store
Other super specifics with this device is high-end security protocols enabled within its wireless networking system that supports both Bluetooth and Wi-Fi functions. Additional features are USB ports, HDMI display outputs, stereo speakers, and an optical drive all that are certified under the Energy Star and EPEAT standards.
Process characteristics
Surface Book qualifies for different tasks due to their technological architecture that enhances high effectiveness and efficiency. The professionalism of Microsoft Corporation in this project is clearly revealed through the way they achieved mass customization in this design (Hachman 3). Normally, it is difficult to achieve such customization due to the need to combine the flexibility of a process focus with the efficiency of the product. Also, individuals and business tend to have unique technological needs that prompt buying a computer. However, for Microsoft, everything for everyone was well calculated. When buying a surface book, customers are provided with various options for processors, video card, hard disk size, and color (Hachman 3). Making these choices is influenced by personal or business needs. However, whether the customer wants a laptop for office use, entertainment, gaming of graphic designing, Microsoft has all the required specifications integrated into their different version of Surface Book laptops. Simply put, customers can customize their laptop the way they want with different prices.
Looking at each element used for achieving efficiency, reliability, comfort and satisfaction in different fields Microsoft targeted for this product, it is easy to understand the capability and weaknesses of Surface Book. For instance, the integrated core i5 or core i7 processors enhance the use of different applications without challenges. The processor in computer world determines the kind of applications the machine can handle. This explains why surface book fits well in fields such as engineering and graphical production that use heavy applications such as AutoCAD and Solid 3D CAD (“Microsoft Announces Surface Book Laptop With 13.5-Inch Display Starting At $1,499” 1). The integration of NVIDIA GeForce in the equation further increases the speed and effectiveness in handling these graphically demanding applications. When not in the office environment, the processor, RAM, and the GPU make the Surface Book best choice for videos, music, and gaming.
Specifically, games are exhaustive as they utilize all the aspects of a computer starting from Keyboards, sound card, processor, Ram and the display. The above rating of these elements makes Surface Book perfect Gaming machines. For example, Grand Theft Auto V (GTAV) is one game people love playing on their PC. Apart from being big in size (As the set up can take up to 60 Giga Bites) (“Grand Theft Auto V | System Requirements | GeForce” 2), it demands capable processor and RAM. Clearly, gaming experience Microsoft_x0092_s Surface Book can offer when playing this game can be described by efficiency, quality, and smooth graphics, high definition sound, and proper coordination. The fact that Surface Book supports high-resolution external display adds score both in the home and office environments.
Surface Book has become popular brands in global markets. Originally, Microsoft targeted home, and office users as the customers for this product but its specification and design have attracted other people such as students and gamers. However, the use of Surface Book is restricted in most countries. The reason for this is that Microsoft could not achieve the high-volume production they planned to achieve. Also, the prices are high ranging from $1,499 to $3,199 (“Microsoft Announces Surface Book Laptop With 13.5-Inch Display Starting At $1,499” 1). Moreover, and despite the high quality of the product, the firm puts its market share at just 3.6 percent of all Surface products which include the surface pro and the surface studio. (Hachman, 2017)
Figure3. The market share of Surface products adapted from Hatchman, p.2
In conclusion, Microsoft_x0092_s Surface book is a great product that combines innovation in both hardware and software development to deliver efficient and reliable performance in office, workshop and home settings. The priority elements including RAM, Processors, and GPU well fitted to ensure that users enjoy their work for maximum productivity, while its design encourages portability and decency. However, the product has a small storage space, and the price is high. These two can make the product unreachable to some people. Nonetheless, everything else is well fitted to give the user the ultimate experience they deserve.
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