Immigration and Deportation

Over the years, Americans have always been loyal to God and country. This can be seen from the way our forefathers struggled to achieve the signing of the declaration of independence. Another good quality possessed by Americans is industry and entrepreneurship. Consider men like Henry Scott, Dale Carnegie, John D. Rockefeller and J. P. Morgan, just to mention but a few. There were scores of men who believed they could do great things and they set out to do it. This journal analyses an article by Bill Bishop from the Washington Post titled, “Americans have lost faith in institutions. That’s not because of Trump or ‘fake news’.”  

            In his article, Bill Bishop tries to show that people across the world have lost faith in their governments ability to protect and serve them truthfully. He describes how president Trump has managed to make readers lose faith in their media houses using his biggest sell, ‘a corrupt media produces ‘fake news’.’ This has had media houses across the country struggle to regain the trust of their readers. Most of the major papers like the New York Times and the Washington Post are trying to pursue efforts that will work on cooling the anti-press crowd that is building up across the country. Surprisingly, the trend is the same across other professions. The writer believes that the president has maligned politicians, scientists and judges among other professions (Bishop). Across the country, our leaders are desperate to restore the faith of the people they serve.

            In this article, Bishop did his research thoroughly. He provides evidence all across the paper to support his point of view. He uses statistical data and quotes from prominent economists, editors, sociologists among other professions. His writing comes out as though he has already made up his mind about the issue at hand. In as much as he presents his arguments followed by the evidence, he manages to maintain an almost neutral tone and stand as to the cause of the decline in faith across institutions. An example is when the author suggests that the president is merely feeding on the loss of trust sentiment (Bishop).

            Our faith in the institutions that govern and serve as is very important since it enables us to trust that the services will not be unfair and thus we are able to build a nation together. The public should be sensitized on the need to have faith in institutions. In California, we also need to be able to trust our institutions since it will enable the state to flourish more. On my part I would like to believe that my government will always be there for me but the trust is far too gone. People enjoy their freedoms no doubt, however, the author tells us that constant social retooling and choice come with costs. Many will be overwhelmed without the constant order brought about by institutions (Bishop).

            My point of view in the matter lies with the author’s. I too, believe that we are no longer capable of fully trusting a government that cannot truthfully serve its people. The author has managed to set forth a well backed argument. He provides evidence of the deteriorating situation from the early 1900s to date. He also is correct on the fact that president Trump is simply riding on a wave of public mistrust in institutions.

            Finally, it is imperative to realize that although most of us across the world have lost faith in our institutions, we should always keep an open mind on the matter so that one day, we may be able to actually restore our faiths in our institutions.

Deportation in America

            The biggest fear in every single immigrant may very well be deportation. This is because of the fact that most of the immigrants are offered a safe haven when they come to America. Deportation is the declaring of an immigrant as unfit to be a citizen of a given country. This is usually due to any number of reasons from drug trafficking and other major crimes to expired visas and other misdemeanors. This journal analyses Deanna Paul’s article, Deportation may be worse than jail, a court just ruled. Why that’s a big deal, on the Washington Post.

            The article focuses on the case of one Saylor Suazo, an immigrant with an expired visa. It attempts to explain how in his case, being deported back to his home country will be way worse than a few months in jail in the states. It takes as through the overturning of Suazo’s conviction by the New York state court of appeal. A move that the author believes reflects a sensitivity to undocumented immigrants. Particularly under the Trump administration, which has prioritized swift deportation and hardline immigration politics (Paul).

            The author manages to separate facts from his opinion. This is seen when she backs most of her arguments with quotes from reliable sources. An example of this is when she quotes the Bronx district attorney, Darcel Clark, as she expresses concern over the decision by the court to overturn Suazo’s conviction. She believes that not only will the move trigger administrative problems but also, there will be backlog in the lower city courts which could lead to a biased administration of justice by the courts. The article is surprisingly neutral with no political bias whatsoever.

            Deportation is relevant to us all since we interact with people from across the world right here in our streets. The public should want to avoid deportation of its immigrants since it will make them look bad in the long run. There are various international relations to consider when it comes to such issues. In California, deportation of immigrants will reduce the work force available whether it is skilled or unskilled labor. Personally, deportation affects my friends and their families and thus we should all try to see that it is under control.

             I would say that I agree with the author’s point of view because I have tried to imagine what it feels like to be deported and shivers ran down my spine. Deportation means you are stripped of your citizenship and sent back to your country of origin regardless of whether the country is war-torn or run by drug lords. Unplugging someone from their social life of a little hardship and comfort and returning it to relive the horrifying experiences of the past is downright barbaric. The world is a big enough place and there are some horrible places out there which may not be the very best place to deport people back to. Since we cannot keep selecting which countries are safe to deport people back to and which ones are not, we should try to avoid deportation altogether.  

            Deportation in America may truly be an act of last resort since most of the immigrants come from places that may very well be called ‘hell’. There are areas that experience so much suffering and pain that sending someone who had been rescued from that back is just considered inhumane. We should therefore strive to help and support immigrant and advocate for the limited use of deportation.

Climate Change

            Climate change has been an issue since time immemorial. Most people on this planet do not take the climate change threat seriously. Many people believe it will never happen and if it does, it will be way after the current generation is gone. Since we plan our everyday schedules while considering the weather, understanding climate is a very important tool in our lives. We should be able to recognize the impacts of climate on our surrounding and our own lives specifically. This journal analyses Emily Holden’s article, “Trump officials argue climate change warnings based on ‘worst-case scenario’”, in the Guardian

            Holden’s article attempts to inform us on how president Trump’s administration is deflecting concerns about our warming planet by claiming the warnings are exaggerated and only based on worst-case scenario (Holden). The president is quoted saying that he does not believe that climate change would have economic consequences for the US. The article goes on to quote a couple of climate experts who assures the public that they have been underestimating the impact of climate change at almost every juncture. All the quoted experts agree that the government’s theory on the worst-case scenario is absolutely wrong. The article concludes with explaining how we may curb climate change. She also explains how the Trump administration has managed to promote activities that are aimed at increasing greenhouse emissions (Holden).

            The author has proven she knows where to draw the lines in terms using facts and her personal opinion though one may not easily know the difference in this case. Holden uses a lot of quotes from credible sources to give evidence to the growing situation. the author seems to have already made up her mind about president Trump and his administration which she believes will leads all into a rabbit hole filled with climate change challenges. However, the writer is politically neutral as there is no biasness on any one side. A sign that the author is a professional writer who knows how to keep her feelings away from her writing. The tone and voice of the author are also quite neutral not revealing whatever side she supports.

            Climate change is relevant to the public in that it governs the way we carry out our economic activities since climate is directly related to the weather which governs our daily activities. In California, climate change is absolutely relevant since the state is blessed with sunny beaches and a coastline. In case of climatic changes, the coastline may cease to exist and the sunny beaches will become swamps, flooding with water. All in all, climate change is very important since it can be able to change the weather of any place, provided conditions are suitable.

            I would say that I agree with the author’s opinion regarding the climate change issue. The current administration is not fully addressing the current climatic change goals. We have been forced to believe in lies and live lives that are full of doubt. All because Trump’s administration has failed to realize the complexity of global warming. The world is truly changing. Places are experiencing unusual rains and rainy seasons that we never thought possible.

            Lastly, I would conclude by urging each and every one of us to stay vigilante and fight for a better environment. No matter where you are, always strive to keep the environment at its best and deal with factors affecting climate change.

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