How Pop Culture Affects Society

Pop culture is short for popular culture. Pop culture can be described as the general influence of the societal masses in accordance to the society view on attitudes, ideas, perspectives and imagery perspectives of a given culture. The modern pop way of life has largely targeted to influence younger people in the society. The expression of modern pop culture’s identity normally involves the aspects of the social life of an influential public determine that appeals to a given specific society. The aspects being amplified to constitute the impact of pop culture are the modes of dressing, the language of expression, the foods being eaten and the physical traits of the pop culture figure. This paper attempt to show how pop culture affects society.The contemporary aspects of popular culture encompass the most immediate day to day aspects of life. These aspects are dynamic thus consequently changes from time to time considering the omnipresence of technology that frequently monitors the rapid developments of pop culture. The heterogeneous mass effect of pop culture topples the scales of other aspects of life like religion and traditions thus reflecting the serious influence it commands in the society. Historically, popular culture was simply the known the general culture of a people. It comprised of a community’s ideal and acceptable behaviours but it was not bound to an individual’s duplication of their nature of lifestyle. The main target influence of culture was to form an acceptance of a people in general to a unique society. The array of pop culture influence is influenced by various disciplines of art such as sports, talents, movies, business, poetry, media and music. The influence of pop culture can either impact the society negatively or positively. For this study, the pop culture lifestyle of the hip hop artist Aubrey Drake Graham is echoed and reviewed in regards to how it affects the society. (Delaney, Tim 67)A background on Aubrey Drake Graham popularly known as Drake can be used as an example to shed light on his lifestyle as a pop music icon and artist. Drake is recognised as a famous multiple Grammy winning award artist. Drakes rise to fame can be linked to opportunities he exploited as a young actor. Drakes role as an actor was exemplary and in regard managed to stay on the limelight of fame where he managed to get his second shot at fame with the record label Young Money and nailed it to success in his musical career. From then on, Drake was recognised as the world’s second best rapper achieving a celebrity status as he was ever on the media. Drake was raised by his mother after divorce with his father when he was five years old. Living with a single mother meant that Drake had to make do with a humble background growing up. Drake experienced a unique religious cultural lifestyle as a black Jewish child. Drake infused his persona into the music industry with hits that swept across the world with such affluence and impact that led him to attain the status as pop culture artist. (Papenburg, Jens 72).Drake is without doubt considered the most influential pop culture artist of the contemporary society. From the influence of pop culture slang references like YOLO (You Only Live Once), Woes, started from the bottom and HYFR. All these simplistic phrases have influenced the vast masses of young people as conversational centrepieces known as slang. The existence of such words was present but the influence of these words gained traction after being quoted by Drake. The extent of these popularised words have overextended to a very large audience of masses in the society. Drake as a pop culture icon can be attributed to the influence of the society in the form and style of communication and language. These phrases are being used all over the world and are being recognised to communicate the intended message from the literature of Drake’s artistic and musical constructs. The society therefore is able to acknowledge the contribution of the slang worded references to have originated and inspired by the lifestyle of a renown pop culture artist. (Yeandle, Peter 12)The society has also regarded the use of Drakes words as influential and motivational according to his music. Drake as an artist utilizes diverse forms of poetry and artistic inferences that relate to the daily life the people in the society. Considering his background, Drake was raised without having all that he desired as a child. The turnaround that Drake’s life takes relates to most of the expectations of the majority of masses in the society where they hope for success. The personalization that drake takes with music in reflecting his own lifestyle and life in general impacts the attitude of the society towards the approach to life. According to the song by Drake’s titled, ‘Started from the bottom’, the general idea and theme of the song influences the masses to be inspired by the personal journey to success undertaken by the pop culture icon. (Burns, Gary 22). The depiction of the change in situational circumstance as a theme of the song has definitely captured the masses in the society hence accounting for the popularization of the slang words, ‘started from the bottom now am here.’The musical journey of Drake as a pop culture icon has reserved bundles of accomplishments and success that has been achieved over a considerably short period of time. Considering that Drakes music has dominated the top 100 billboard charts for over the 72nd time in a span of only five years, it is indeed astounding! Even more is that Drake has managed to record two platinum albums in just two years. Bearing in mind the icon American pop rock band ‘The Beetles’ only made such an accomplishment in over a span of 20 years, it is undoubtable that Drake commands so much influence to the contemporary society through his music. The blowback effect to the society are the teachings that can be drawn from Drakes hard work, determination and resilience to success through the exploitation of music as a form of art. The contemporary generation thus are inspired to pursue a more artistic rather than scientific or a white collar career related field. Talent influence is recognised in the society today and rewarded promptly and deservingly unlike in the past where the society did not recognise and remunerate talents as deserved. Pop culture has thus affected the view of society in rewarding artistic talent. (Salamone, Frank 88)The style and rap technique that Drake uses has gained so much popularity that it is vastly being emulated by so many upcoming new artists. The compositions of Drake’s musical lyrics are complete and demand an audio vision picture painted in the minds of the society which impacts creativity to the society. Drake has also consigned with various new artist’s in an effort to further conquer musical boundaries. The impact to society from Drake’s music style is the value of being one’s self and having a good time enjoying what one does. The value effect to the society especially for the massive advent fanatics of Drake’s music and lifestyle realize the importance of knowing one self’s strength and the importance of self-confidence in artistic expression. (Mottola, Tommy 20) From Drake’s lifestyle, the value for family is emphasised with his association and affiliation to the Young Money fraternity. Drake preaches the ideals of morals in his music and sometimes ventures into the realm of feelings, loving, forgiving and accepting. The society is indeed positively influenced by the lifestyle of a pop culture artist. (Danesi, Marcel. 132)Indeed, an undisputable agreement can be reached upon that Drake is considered a valiant figure as a pop culture icon. Even though pop culture may reservedly contain other negative influences that affect the society negatively, there is no end to influence. Weather the influences affects the society negatively or positively, the choices the society decides to make are open. The individual decision to decide which inspiration the society beneficially choses to adopt to is not pre-determined. The consequences and rewards solemnly relies on our discerning ability to choose the right pop culture influence. Nonetheless, the society is responsible for the engineering of its own culture and the ability to control the influences of pop culture to the society. It is important to accept the effects of pop culture and embrace its positive aspects to impact and change our society.

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