Homeland Security Department

Department of Homeland Security

Department of homeland security was formed by the United States government which focuses on confronting the series of threats of terrorism thus creating a peaceful environment in the nation. Homeland security has been currently expanded because of the increasing terrorism to develop flight security around the globe hence keeping the roving public benign and sound. On the contrary, some of the Americans do not see the benefit of increased security in the country. The police are mostly viewed as a way of spying them thus infringing human rights and liberty. Security is key to economic growth and development because it eases internal and international trade in the nation. Acts of the terrorism scare away potential investors in a society which lowers the gross domestic product of the country. As a result, governments take centuries to be established because of inadequate funds. Most of the government projects offer employment to the citizens thus delaying them will create seasonal unemployment which lowers per capita income (Volokh, 2014). Therefore, the measure to expand homeland security should be embraced so as to spare the nation from stunted growth and development.

Increase Efficiency in the Department

To increase efficiency in the department, the government should appoint responsible heads and delegate the authority to oversee the running of the department. Entrusting power to more competent people will help in protecting and enforcing fundamental rights and freedom. The functions of the department should be sufficiently achieved by delegating authority to reliable people to reach many in the society.


Benjamin Franklin is said to have quoted these words to aspire liberty and show the need to protect human rights. Human rights should be the priority in a country to increase the security and peace in a state. Human rights should not be traded for whatever gains thus every law implemented should accommodate everyone. Citizens should have freedom of movement, association, and privacy in their daily activities.

The United States PATRIOT Act

The United States PATRIOT Act was established to promote unity and peace by blocking every form of terrorism. The Act was instigated in October 2001 to empower the investigatory department and punish terrorist acts. The Act is claimed to give the federal government access to many of Americans' communications annals to aid in terrorism investigations. PATRIOT provides the government with access to screen personal activities of the citizens which interfere with their privacy. Benjamin Franklin statement is consistent with the PATRIOT Act because no matter how it guarantees security thousands of Americans are still insecure due to interference with their privacy (Volokh, 2014). The Act is unconstitutional because it violates human rights by tolerating search warrants to be dispensed without a convincing case. The Act should be amended to ensure that human rights are not infringed by interfering with their business.

Death Penalties

Death penalties help in saving many lives today by eliminating inhuman acts like rape, murder, and drug trafficking. Imposing death penalties on terrible acts will help in saving many lives because people will fear the consequences. Prevention is better than cure. Thus, folks will choose to stay away from such acts to avoid death penalties hence reducing vast social crimes. Cases of homicides will be reduced therefore protecting fundamental human rights (Liptak, 2007). Death penalties should be implemented because it will help in blocking terrorism, drug, and human trafficking thus saving lots of lives from death and tragic experiences.

The Law of Torts

The law of torts deals with acts of crime whose remedy is a standard law action for damages or other reliefs. The rule of torts is used in cases involving to citizens and once the case is solved remedies are such as compensation of funds are established. Contrary, in federal section 1983 people are allowed to sue the government in cases where the people are deprived of their rights. Law of torts will enable people to sue people while the people sue central section 1983 the government.


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