Health care and job satisfaction

Optimal job satisfaction for EMS (emergency medical services) staff is the most important issue in every environment of healthcare (Khera and Gulati, 2012). This is due to its contribution to the eminence of emergency services as well as healthcare. Nurses face a number of difficulties in a healthcare setting that prevent them from being happy with their work. This is unquestionably important in terms of the efficiency of nurses at their jobs. When it comes to health care procedures, EMS is active, and nurses have a tough time. Therefore, nurses offering emergency services are supposed to be well cared for in order to make them get maximum satisfaction in their occupation. Possibly, this will assist in ensuring that health care organizations are providing good care services to their clients. If nurses are appropriately cared for within their work station, then their work ethics are likely to improve thus ensuring that services within the health care organization improve.

Earlier studies have indicated that job satisfaction amongst EMS workers, particularly in developing states, is significantly low, predominantly concerning the organizational as well as an occupational support (Rizwan et al.,2013). On the other hand, there is handful of exploration studies existing within developing states like Iran, about job satisfaction amongst EMS workers concerning the diverse job satisfaction variables essential to healthcare professionals (Mostafavi, Shad and Sabet, 2014). EMS employees are never contented with the appreciation level alongside recognition they normally get from their bosses. Approximately one-third of the personnel are normally never contented with paybacks they get from their employer whether monthly or to some extent in any way (Rana, 2014) .A good number of the staff thinks that EMS workers are supposed to be remunerated handsomely in support of the tasks they carry out.

Job satisfaction has remained very vital in most of the developed together with developing nations since it the considerable forecaster for the quality as well as the efficiency of the healthcare system. The personnel’s general satisfaction with his/her job normally is an outcome of the combination of the variable. Financial reimbursement is only among these variables enhancing efficient job satisfaction (Rana, 2014) .

Management's role in the healthcare setting in improving workers' job happiness in EMS is to enable the working atmosphere to be as positive as possible. Typically, morale for the employees is sometimes high, and workers have everything on what it takes in terms of resources to complete the duties that they have been assigned. These are some of the factors that influence job satisfactions EMS. The ways these factors are related to the job satisfaction have similarly been discussed.

Working Conditions

Since most of the workers in EMS use much of their time within their working areas, it is very significant for the healthcare organizations to aspire to optimize their condition for work. Things like offering spacious work state as compared to the cramped environments, sufficient lighting in conjunction with comfortable stations of working lead to encouraging working conditions for the workers within the EMS setting. Giving productivity instruments like the improved information technology towards assisting workers achieve tasks more proficiently leads to job satisfaction too. The variable working condition is related to the job satisfaction in that if the workers are performing their duties in places that are not favorable to them then they are likely not to be satisfied with whatever they are doing.

Chances for further Advancement

Most of the workers in whichever organization become significantly satisfied with their present job in case they glimpse the path accessible towards moving up in their positions within the places they are working. Many healthcare organizations encourage their EMS personnel to gain extra advanced skills that shall bring about their promotion chances in the organization. Organizations frequently defray the tuition cost in support of the employees undertaking their university courses in preparation for them to take the promotion chances that are available within the organizations.

In the period of the employee's yearly workers review on performance, the supervisors are supposed to plan the path outlining whatever he/ she requires to achieve as well as the fresh skills he/she needs to build up with an intention of tracking the advancement for the personnel within the hospital. This element is related to the level of the job satisfaction for the EMS personnel since most of them normally consider furthering their education to rise in ranks they are currently holding. Denying them such chances then there is a greater probability that most of the personnel will never be happier in their work (Mostafavi, Shad & Sabet, 2014).

Workload as well as the level of stress

Handling the  workload that is far-off intense as well as the deadlines that are unfeasible to attain might make the satisfaction in the job for the EMS personnel to grind down in favor of even the greatly devoted personnel (Shujat and Bhutto, 2011). Not meeting the deadlines might sometimes lead to disagreement between supervisors and workers hence raising the level of stress within the place of work.

Occasionally, this atmosphere is initiated by unsuccessful, poor planning and management by the managerial staff of the hospital. The offices function in a challenging mode since most of the supervisors are never giving ample opportunity in support of the workers to carry out their allocated tasks successfully. Within the EMS setting, when the workload is too much then the performance of the staff might decrease making their degree of job satisfaction not to be never as they were expecting. Occasionally, the workload might be related to stress that most of the workers get in the course of carrying out their duties. Stress and workload are associated with the level of job satisfaction in most of the EMS care systems.

Reverence from Co-Workers

Workers aspire to be handled with reverence by other co-workers they are working with. The unreceptive working atmosphere – having rude otherwise unlikable colleagues – tends to lower satisfaction in the job by most of the EMS personnel. During August the year 2011, a study that was documented with indicated that 48 percent of the personnel in the EMS individually experienced the greater degree of incivility in the place of work. Fifty-two percent similarly accept as true that self-confidence is normally pitiable in wherever hospitals they are working in. Managers are supposed to get involved and arbitrate such conflicts before they soar to further serious setbacks needing punitive action. Personnel within the EMS are supposed to be reminded the kind of conducts that are regarded unsuitable whenever they are associating with their colleagues in the place of work (Saeed, Lodhi and Iqbal, 2013). Therefore, respect from the colleagues as a variable is related to the level of job satisfaction amongst the workers in EMS set up. When there is lack of respect amongst the employees, then most of the workers are likely not to be satisfied with whatever they are doing.

Financial Remunerations

Satisfaction in the job typically is impacted through the employee's vision regarding the equality of the organization’s wage rate in addition to the present remuneration a worker might be getting. Organizations are supposed to have the systems in position towards evaluating the performance of employees as well as give salary increment to top performing workers (Rana, 2014). Chances like earning particular incentives like additional benefits, paid vacations similarly bring stimulation together with the greater job satisfaction within the place of work. Therefore, financial remuneration is associated with the level of job satisfaction. Thus, fair remuneration helps in improving job satisfaction of workers which finally leads to good deliverance within an organization.


Job satisfaction for the workers within EMS setting might enhance service quality as well as raise the satisfaction for workers in their duty (Singh and Jain, 2013). Within this condition, policy makers together with administrators have stayed focused on providing various types of facilities for their personnel so as to gratify their workers. All workers are supposed to get the satisfaction in whatever they are doing. Job satisfaction normally is duly related to the remunerations one gets from a particular occupation. It is very significant for the employers to pay the workers better remunerations in order to improve the services that are being offered by the health care institution.


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