Residential Homes and Special Schools for Students with Disabilities

Based on a child's individual needs, parental and educational participation, and other factors. Residential homes or particular schools designed for students with disabilities, such as blindness or hearing issues, provide learning accommodations for those students. An setting that is safe and supportive for students with special needs to learn in and interact with other students is created by specially designed classrooms, mobile teaching services, and resource rooms in regular education classes within the student's community. Disability alters the way students obtain information about them and also limits their opportunities hence they have to equip themselves with specific skills found from teachers and other individuals who are adequately trained to handle the particular skills that will help them manage a comfortable life.

Educational Services for Students with Visual Impairments

To keep up with the changes in the world as technology keeps developing the educational services taught to students with impairments insight include; technology and computer skills due to the inability to see, using computers and other techniques become a challenge. But through the unique educations systems, the students are taught how to use computer equipment such as to print and read information on monitors giving the student skills to compete in the job market. Literacy is another educational service where students with impaired eyesight are taught how to write and read with braille, visual strategies, big design or they are educated to use their free visualization for the partially blind students. An essential skill taught in special schools is safe and independent mobility and social interaction. Using mobility skills and specific orientations and using of canes enables the students to move safely around their environments and also helps them familiarize with their surroundings. The students also learn how to understand body language and other visual concepts that help them socially interact with other individuals to help them communicate and move around while partaking their day to day activities. (Vaughn, 2000)

Educational Services for Students with Hearing Impairments

Some students have a permanent hearing loss while other students suffer temporary hearing loss from ear infections, the educational services for students with impairment in hearing include; the offering of assistive tools to help students such as hearing aids which amplifies sounds around the wearer. Through these hearing aids makes sounds more natural to comprehend, in offering these hearing aids it makes it easy for the students in question to learn and perform in school due to the assistive technologies provided in individual schools. Another service provided to the hearing impaired students in special education is the service of lip reading eye contacts, facial expressions enabling them to understand emotions in an individual's face and body language where the students are taught to communicate with each other and also get information from reading lips and body language. This skill helps the student interact and communicate with each other, and even they are taught to pronounce vocabularies to help enhance their communication skills and help them better socialize with other students. The service of giving the students a language to identify with and also teaching them how to explain feelings beyond mad, happy and sad. (Hallahan, 2013)

National Association of Parents with Visual Impairments

National Association of Parents with visual impairments (National Headquarters) is a foundation whose mission is to expand possibilities for the people with vision loss and to create a world of no limit for the people who are blind or visually impaired. The foundation mobilizes leaders, champion impactful policies, and practices, advance understanding using research and data collected in the states. The entity is a national association that aids parents to get funds and facts for their visually impaired or blind children with any other additional disabilities. It also offers support, training, and leadership to help the parents' guide their children to encounter their full potential. The organization dedicates to introducing outreach programs, parents' education, and providing emotional support, networking and looking after the rights of children who are visually impaired or blind.

Alexander Graham Bell Association for the Deaf and Hard of Hearing

Alexander Graham Bell Association for the Deaf and Hard of Hearing (AG Bell) is an association founded information focus on hearing damage, and it emphasizes the use of expertise, spearheading, written and spoken languages, speech, outstanding hearing. The organization pays attention mainly on children with temporary or permanent hearing impairment by providing support to the affected individuals. By collecting and contributing towards helping the affected students to get the necessary tools they need to study in schools to provide a good learning environment and also advocates for more awareness and support from the professionals, parents and the communities at large.

Show Support and Love for Students with Disabilities

Students with disabilities should be showing support and love in every community to help them overcome their situation and encourage them to study hard in their given schools for them to live their lives as ordinary people do and also be able to cope without difficulties to the changes in the communities.


Vaughn, S., Bos, C. S., & Schumm, J. S. (2000). Teaching exceptional, diverse, and at-risk students in the general education classroom.

Hallahan, D. P., Kauffman, J. M., & Pullen, P. C. (2013). Exceptional Learners: Pearson New International Edition: An Introduction to Special Education. Pearson Higher Ed.

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