Glory in Scripture

Glory and Its Meaning

Glory refers to the presence of God and the human perception of that presence. We often use this word to refer to the appearance of God and His presence in the world, but it also refers to how humans perceive that presence. The word glory is used throughout Scripture to describe God's presence. The most common use of the word is in the New Testament, where it is used to describe God's presence in the world.

The Display of God's Attributes

God's glory is the display of his attributes and character. It is the manifestation of all of his infinite perfections. This glory manifests itself through his creation. Throughout the Bible, glory is described as God putting his works on display and displaying himself to the world. Glory is also revealed in God's judgments and salvation.

Iconographic Representations of Glory

In iconography, glory is often represented by a halo. Other common symbols of glory include crowns, jewels, and white robes. Another common iconographic image of Mary in glory is the Coronation of the Virgin. In this representation, she looks absolutely radiant. She's almost too beautiful to be real.

Bible Verses and Experiences of Glory

Bible verses describing glory are plentiful. Many believers have seen God's glory in their lifetimes. Brother Kenneth E. Hagin once wrote a book containing all of the Bible's verses referring to the glory of God. He would read these verses during church services and people would literally fall to the floor in amazement. They would even rush to the altar and get saved. This is the glory of God!

God's Presence and Manifestation of Glory

The Bible also speaks of glory as God's presence. Moses and the Israelites' exodus experience are examples of God's presence, while the ark of the covenant and the temple of Solomon reveal His presence as well. In these events, God's glory is manifested as an unmistakable manifestation of God's power.

The Frequency of the Word "Glory" in the Bible

The word glory is found 606 times in the English Bible. It appears 376 times in the Old Testament and 230 times in the New Testament. In the Bible, the noun glory is more commonly used than the verb glory. The name "glory" is most likely derived from the Hebrew word khabhod, which means "weightiness."

The Formation of Glory and Its Appearance

Glory is formed by reflection and refraction of light. Hence, it resembles rainbows. Observers looking down at thin clouds may see the brightest glories. These glories are formed when droplets of the same size scatter light backwards. And in such a case, the glories appear as two parallel elongated bands.

Increase of Glory through Love

The more love you have for others, the more your glory will increase. The world needs us to be strong in loving one another, and we can't let ourselves be swayed by the spirit of division. If we don't guard our hearts and minds, it will be difficult to show our true glory.

Glorifying God in Every Aspect of Life

In the Bible, God commands us to glorify Him and do all things for His glory. In fact, all creation exists for the purpose of glorifying Him. Even the shepherds and angels who announced the birth of the Savior were glorifying God in Luke 2:20. Similarly, the physical creation continually declares God's glory.

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