Gender Stereotypes

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Gender stereotyping implies a generalized view or interpretation of the sex characteristics, distinctions, or positions of individuals in society, according to Lindsey & Linda (315). Apparently, there is a misconception that different roles should be done by men or women. Gender stereotypes, however, may be degrading and discriminatory if they hinder the ability of men or women to improve their ability to pursue or perform professional knowledge and make life-related decisions. Gender skills and roles are separated by the traditions of female and male conduct in most American and European nations. Analyzing the video “Top 10 Most Sexiest Commercials of All Times”, has always made negative implications in stereotyping women.
For instance, the Beryl and Jonathan YouTube video bring out a perception that ladies are supposed to cook, raise kids, and perform housework. That is why, when men feel like the prepared meal or coffee is not up to their expectations, they behave weirdly. The generalization of women’s roles has restricted the female’s abilities in trying their hand at liberty, where they cannot grow economically, and attain the economic independence. Again, the perception that there are some activities that ladies cannot do alone, such as driving themselves, or performing some chaos like typing, taking dictations, among others. All these stereotypes bring about the imbalance between the two genders, harming one gender. For instance, men overwork as some roles are believed to be theirs in particular, and on the other hand, ladies lack social and economic freedom of doing their activities.

Other practical examples of gender stereotypes are where ladies are perceived to be the objects of sex. In most of the streets, you will meet girls who do prostitution, where in exchange for money, men go there and enjoy themselves. Again, top managers or employers abuse or harass the female employees sexually in the workstations to offer them job positions, or increase their employment rewards. The society perceives that ladies are objects that can be used to satisfy men sexually, which socially and emotionally offends them. Another example is where in homes, the boy child has the freedom of being out or coming back home any time of the day or night. Contrary, the girls should be at home by 6 pm, which means, the social freedom of the girl child is limited, and she cannot explore or do her activities during the late hours.

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