Essays on Hydraulic Fracturing

The Effects of Hydraulic Fracturing on the Economy

Open communication between the employer and employees in an organization contributes to worker productivity. Productivity is often slowed by employers every time they notice the mistake and do not communicate it to the authority. The setting of performance measures, targets, motivations, and remuneration increase employee productivity. Managers in an organization...

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The Environmental Impact of Hydraulic Fracturing

Hydro-fracturing or fracking Hydro-fracturing or fracking is a method for extracting oil and gas from the earth's surface by injecting pressurized fluid into bedrock formations. Its use in oil and gas production has raised several environmental and health concerns. However, despite the controversy, many people still support this process.Oil and gas...

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New Information About Hydraulic Fracturing in Pavillion, Wyoming

New information about hydraulic fracturing in Pavillion, Wyoming has emerged. A new news article by the Casper paper lays out details that were not included in EPA's draft report. It also says that the EPA's conclusions are partly based on the EPA's own data, including samples from six private drinking-water...

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